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Brilliant Taipei Apartment Doubles Up As A Sophisticated Office Space

Modern design is all about bringing together form and function in the best possible manner. Located in a historical neighborhood of downtown Taipei, designers at Ganna Studio had to work around several existing constraints to create this fabulous apartment. Bringing together the coziness of a home and the comfort of a complete home studio, the apartment incorporates certain sleek design solutions to accommodate all the necessary features in the limited space avilable. Sporting a modest living space, comfortable bedroom, contemporary kitchen, dining area and an elegant outdoor garden, the place does pack quite a punch.

Modern apartment in Taipei by Ganna Studio

The real show stopper though is the elaborate office area that houses a large wooden desk which makes a spacious work station for four. Neatly hidden away behind beautifully designed swivel doors that only reveal the interior when necessary, the home office seems to vanish when not in use! Connected to both the dining space and the bedroom on the others side, it showcases smart use of space coupled with sleek and savvy design.

Large pendant light above the dining space

Collection of vases on the table

Lovely carved doors bring in traditional Taipei design

Ergonomic work space concealed beautifully

Stylish and elaborate home office in Taipei Studio Home

Ample storage space in the home office

Sliding glass doors connect the living space to the backyard

Sleek bookshelf in gray

Plush wooden tones and stone dominate much of the interior. While the apartment is not blessed with plenty of room, the large sliding glass doors opening up into the cool garden area lend it with adequate openness. A storage room and small bathroom complete this dexterous apartment that seems to transform within the blink of an eyelid. Lovely pendant and scone lighting further saves up on leg room even as a large storage unit in the office area stacks all the necessary supplies tidily.

Home work space connected through the master bedroom

Look at the dining area and the home studio

Flowing interiors of the Taipei home

Renovated interiors preserve historic elements of design

Swivel doors reveal the home work area

View of the kitchen inside the Taipei home

Floor vase in black

Cool space to catch up on a nap

Folding glass doors in the dining area

Garden outside after sunset

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