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DIY Miniature Garden Celebrates the Birth of the Royal Baby in Style

Britain seems to have been gripped with ‘baby mania’ for a while now. Even the historic Wimbledon win of Andy Murray has been relegated into the shadows monetarily as the world awaits the arrival of the first born of Duchess and Duke of Cambridge.

Bets are being placed on things that range from the sex of the baby to what name Kate and William pick for their first born. Third in line for the throne, Britain is all excited about its newest member in the royal family lineup. We, of course, are not really in the business of betting. But if you do wish to celebrate the arrival of the royal baby in Decoist style, then here is a lovely and cute DIY idea to try out.

Creating a miniature garden is not as hard as you would imagine and the most difficult part of it might be finding some of the necessary material. A Bonsai tree is not something you will simply stumble upon. But, it is well worth getting one if you really wish to give your tiny garden an authentic appeal. If you are a gardening enthusiast and already sport a Bonsai collection, then this should be an absolute piece of cake!

Other stuff that you will need include a large pot, artificial moss, a few plants like baby tears, multipurpose compost and a few miniature additions like benches and baby cribs.

Fill the pot up with compost and plant the Bonsai and the baby plants carefully and with ample space between them. Place all the tiny accessories and archways that you have carefully before filling up the vacant space with gravel and moss. Aesthetics are the key here and make sure everything is proportional and balanced.

From a small portrait of the royal couple to a tiny baby carriage, you can pretty much use anything that is to your fancy. Add a flag or two here and there and your tribute to the royal baby is all set. Kate Middleton and Prince William will sure be surrounded by a barrage of media frenzy and general advice pretty soon. You can simply enjoy your miniature garden in peace. And once Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas arrives, changing the theme is a child’s play! That probably is the biggest reason why you should invest a part of your coming weekend in crating this simple and gorgeous garden.

[All instructions and the project by Bridgman]

Sherry Nothingam

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