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How to Implement the Ombré Home Painting Technique

Over the past couple of years, the term “ombré” has been showing up everywhere – specifically in reference to a popular hair dying style in which hair color fades from one color into the next as it flows from root to tip. We’ve also seen ombré used to describe nail art, fabrics and much more.

Lately, however, we’ve also seen a new way to use the ombré style – painting. This gradient style of coloring can give your room a bit of a glowing vibe, and a unique touch.

(courtesy of OKB Architecture / Tamara Leigh Photography)

Here are some tips for implementing this trend at home:

1. Plan it out. Just as with any other new home design idea, it’s important that you plan out exactly how you will complete the project. Some professional painting experts suggest measuring the entire wall and dividing it into equal sections with light pencil marks. Instead of using different cans of paint, add darker (or lighter) shades to your paint as you move down the wall.

by d’apostrophe design

2. Choose colors that are somewhat similar. Fading from dark blue into orange may not be the most effective ombré look – in fact, that would look downright outrageous. Instead, choose two variations of one color. For example, fading from a soft mint into a medium teal can be a great addition to your bathroom, and light taupe into chocolate brown in a cozy living room or bed room. Often multi-shade paint swatches offer a great example of how to transition colors effectively.

(with thanks to LinesAcross for the great project)

3. Fade from the top down or from the bottom up. However, don’t fade toward the middle. The reason for this is because fading towards the middle will shrink the room. It also has a tendency to look tacky and unpleasant. In order to master ombré in your home, keep it simple and keep the fade to a gradual transition. The objective is to create a soft, almost glowing effect – and this is best done with a soft fade.

A project by CreamyLife

by holiday_jenny on Flickr

Kammy’s Korner idea looks pretty stylish I’d say!

Image Courtesy of Designers Guild

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