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Spanish Renovation Combines Classic Exterior With Contemporary Interior

The renovation of a structure is a task that demands plenty of care. This is all the more true in the case of homes and buildings which are located in historically significant neighborhoods. This often means that the exterior of the house must remain unaltered while the interior needs to be revamped drastically. This particular building in Aviles, Spain needed to be converted into a modern home along with an architecture studio, while keeping intact the classic design of the exterior.

Interiors clad in largely neutral tones

The task was taken up by OmasC Arquitectos, who pretty much turned the interior into a beautiful modern hub that oozes plenty of class. The entire building was divided into three separate levels with an architecture studio taking shape on the ground floor while the two upper levels housed the living quarters.

Exterior of the renovated building  remains largely untouched

Balanced used of glass and wood

Wooden divisions help create separate spaces

Simple decor that matches the wooden flooring

The kitchen, dining area and the living room were placed on one of these levels, while the third floor exclusively contains private quarters and bedrooms that offer lovely views of the surrounding city. The interiors are clad largely in wood with a décor that matches the wooden flooring with ease. White neutral walls and plush furnishings in muted tones give the interiors a stylish modern appeal.

Small balcony with a touch of gren

Creative way to add new space

Ample natural ventilation comes through large glass windows

Architecture studio designed along with the living space

The transformation between the aged look of the structure on the outside and the sleek interior is truly startling at times. Large glass windows allow for ample natural ventilation while flowing spaces ensure that all the areas in a particular level are always visually connected.

Cool pendant lighting adds to the natural light

Sliding glass doors keep the interiors connected with the surroundings

Ergonomic workstations for the architecture studio

Building with classic extreior in Aviles, Spain

Sherry Nothingam
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