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9 Efficient and Stylish Lamps for Your Work Space

Office equipment usually has to be efficient and practical above everything else. The requirements for office lamps are excellent lighting, a healthy light spectrum and flexibility in use.

The lamps destined for the office need to be powerful and have a full light spectrum, which is why halogen, with its 100 per cent rendering of daylight constitutes the best solution for the health of our eyes.

There are a few lighting styles that are recommendable for office lighting. The lamps need to be either directed toward the work surfaces or suspended close to them.

Usually, when choosing office lighting, personal preferences come into consideration after budget and technical requirements. However, not all lighting solutions for work spaces are impersonal and purely industrial.

Powerful spotlights suspended on tracks are an excellent way to go if your work environment is a studio or workshop. They can be individually pointed toward wherever you wish. So how about we get to see some hip and modern lights that illustrate the different geometries of work space lighting.

Snake by Exenia

Designed by Lorenzo Querci, The Snake LED lamp track system manages to be both efficient and stylish. The track is clad in a decorative and organically curved linear shade available in lacquered black, white or red.

Exenia Snake Lighting System-01
Exenia Snake Lighting System in Black


Exenia Snake Lighting System-02
Closeup of Exenia Snake Lighting System in Black


Exenia Snake Lighting System-03
Exenia Snake Lighting System in Red Suspended Below Ceiling

The most common and popular lighting systems for offices are the pendant light bars, recommended for normal office work. They are suspended above the work surface, but not so deep that they glare, and create a uniform light over the desk. The best such lamps are LEDs.

Talo by Artemide

The Talo is a timeless design. This sleek and elegant lamp makes it a perfect solution for office lighting. Design by Neil Poulton.

Talo Suspension Lamp in a Various Configurations for Office
Talo Suspension Lamp in a Long Configuration for Office
Talo Suspension Lamp in Black
Talo Suspension Lamp in Black Over Dining Area
Talo Suspension Lamp in White Over Desk

Titania Queen by Luceplan

It is never harmful to add some whimsy to the layout of an office, and you don’t have to be a geek to like this highly interesting light installation designed by Paolo Rizzatto and Alberto Meda in 2005. Its design and commanding presence make the work desk a fun and very well lit place to be. An achieved combination of practical and extravagant, the light installation named after an eccentric Shakespeare character comes in three very large sizes. The blades of the structure encompassing the lamp itself are sleek aluminum that reflect the light and are endowed with color filters for ambient lighting. However, the light that reaches the work surface remains white. A fun and very well designed lamp indeed.

Titania Queen 01
Titania Queen in Yellow Above Desk


Titania Queen in Violet Against the Night Sky


Titania Queen in Red Stands Out in the Darkness


Inserting Colored Gels in the Titania Queen Makes Changes a Snap


Neximo by TRILUX

This LED hanging lamp is a young product by the German manufacturer TRILUX that impresses through sheer elegance and a touch of hi-tech. The lower surface of the thin body displays a light diffusing surface in the shape of an organic pattern, and impresses through sleekness and hi-tech design. This almost digital appearance was awarded the reddot international design prize. The Neximo light is also favorable for office work, provided by powerful LED lamps of neutral colors and has in-built light management to render a dimmable daylight-imitating spectrum.

TRILUX Neximo in White


TRILUX Neximo in Black

Shakti Sky by Kundalini

The beautiful and glassy 2003 creation by Marzio Rusconi Clerici adds an undeniable accent of style and elegance to the work desk, in addition to being very effective. The very favorable light is provided by two incandescent light sources but the encompassing diffused glass cylinder distributes the light similar to an LED bar. The Shakti Sky suspension lamps are poetic touches in the airy and symmetrical shape and the slightly smokey edges of the glass tube. Available in a radiant white and a trendy red as well as orange and magenta, this is a lamp to have and to hold.

Shakti Sky Suspension Lamp in White
Shakti Sky Suspension Lamp in White
Shakti Sky Suspension Lamp Over Modern Sink in White
Shakti Sky Suspension Lamp Over Modern Sink in White
Shakti Sky Suspension Lamp in Orange


Lisca H2 by Rotaliana

Simple and modern, with just a touch of color is a good way to go for Rotaliana. Adding the tiniest touch of cuteness to the simplicity of a rectangular LED bar makes this the perfect solution for an unpretentious office space. The diffusing body of the Lisca H2 Suspension  is made from anodized aluminum with slight out-cuts is available in hip colors such as red, green, yellow and blue as well as plain white. These suspension lamps are available in 28 Watt and 54 Watt models to fit your illumination needs.

Lisca H2 Suspension Lamp in Yellow in Kitchen
Lisca H2 Suspension Lamp Over Desk
Lisca H2 Suspension Lamp in White

Tolomeo by Artemide

The one and only lamp for graphic designers, technical drawers, artists, architects, engineers, the Tolomeo was designed by Giancarlo Fassina and Michele de Lucchi. In spite of its rather industrial design, the Tolomeo has made an unmistakable name for itself by fulfilling every need in terms of desk lighting. No one can ever blame the lighting for not finishing a project, ever again. This desk lamp comes in many sizes and happy colors, silver being the classic one.

Tolomeo Desk Lamp in Silver
Tolomeo Desk Lamp Over Computer Monitor
Tolomeo Desk Lamp in Multiple Colors

Nosy T by Lightyears

Minimal and elegant, the Nosy T desk lamp was designed by Kasper Salto and Sigsgaard in 2008. Based on a philosophy of progressive and timeless aesthetics, the Nosy T is infinitely flexible, slender and almost invisible and resembles a stylized undulating vegetal form. Well-thought in every detail, the lamp provides the invincible light of a halogen source with tiny cuts into the shade that eliminate the excess of warmth. Available in the colors of minimalism, black and white.

When working on a computer, the contrast between the screen and the surroundings, especially by night, can stress out, exhaust and hurt your eyes. This aspect is largely neglected. Some office worker bees have even accustomed themselves to this kind of contrasting atmosphere and prefer not to turn a desk lamp on. However, at least a compromise is necessary when considering your health.

Nosy T Table Lamp in Black and White
Nosy T Table Lamp in Black and White
The Nosy T Table Lamp Is Versatile

Tick W0 by Rotaliana

Here is a most unusual lamp called the Tic W0.  Like its namesake, the tic, this lamp can be mounted in just about any position on the wall or ceiling.

Designed by Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda, Tick is a wall appliqué beautifully subtle in its light effect and purist in shape. It lights a small ‘light isle’ on the wall with a non-intrusive and pleasant ambient brightening through an  LED source. It is minimalist and ecological and fits into any office space.  The Tic W0 is available in silver or White.  The White model is also available with yellow of orange diffusers.

Tic W0 in Multiple Colors and Mounting Positions
Tic W0 Closeup of the LED Detail
Tic W0 Closeup of the LED Detail

A discreet but stylish wall appliqué, installed on the wall behind your screen, is the perfect solution for easing your eyes when using your computer. If a glare or a large lit surface bothers you, choose a minimalist lamp with no direct light effect, but for your eyes sake, lighten that wall.

Jeanne Paula

I write for decoist.

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