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Maracanã House in Sao Paulo Brings a Touch of Green to The Urban Jungle

While there are plenty of refined and stylish modern homes, the Maracanã House in Sao Paulo, Brazil is a bit different from the rest. The home seems to combine two opposites of modern lifestyle into a simple, spacious and ergonomic hub. Bringing together beauty of nature at its refreshing best and the uncompromising urban landscape is not an easy task. But unlike other contemporary homes in the neighborhood, the Maracanã House sports a perfect blend of modern design and green goodness.

The entire house seems to be full of interesting surprises and the first one you encounter is right at the entrance. A giant mural in black, white and red conceals the passageway into the house with ease. In fact, the mural itself looks like a beautiful maze in which the lost red dots are trying to find their way back home! Find the entrance behind the work of art and you will step into a home that has a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

Designed by Terra e Tuma Arquitetos Associados, interiors are clad largely in concrete brick and elaborate floor-to-ceiling glass windows that provide an open and airy design. The modern kitchen, living area and dining space are all visually connected with the small backyard that is laced in various vines, palm trees and other beautiful plants. Smart use of glass stands out as the highlight of the design while the top levels of the house sport private quarters and bedrooms.

Use of ergonomic and understated décor ensures that the view outside remains important at all times. A terrace that offers beautiful views of the city’s skyline and a cool yard where you can relax in the hammock complete this fascinating place.

Photos by: Pedro Kok

Sherry Nothingam

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