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28 Modern Fish Tanks That Inspire Relaxation

Ever wondered why modern fish tanks are so popular and people are immediately and almost hypnotically drawn towards them the moment their eyes spot one in the vicinity. There is something mesmerizing and charming about aquariums and their mere presence offers a sense of peace and tranquility. Maybe it is the fluid motion of those colorful little fishes through the tanks or even the gentle sway of the vegetation at the tank’s bed; but an addition of a fish tank well and truly brings balance, beauty and understated class to any home or even commercial setting.

Stunning fish tank design that really kicks in with the green

Modern fish tanks have come a long way from their humble beginnings in ancient Rome and from the addition of glass panels to modern LED lighting, every single step has made them all the more delightful and fascinating. Here are a few inspirations that will hopefully encourage you to bring home some aquatic life as well; and if possible do so in grand fashion!

Contemporary fish tank crafted in hues of captivating red looks more like a lasting work of art
Brilliantly artistic fish tank takes plenty of care to create
An aquarium that truly looks out of this world!
Playful and contemporary fish tank
Tropical fish tank that truly looks vibrant and stunning

Modern Fish Tank Has More than What Meets the Eye

Awesome coral fish tank brings home the world’s oceans

Designing or installing a top quality fish tank takes both considerable effort and expertise. But what it requires more than just the initial push is the constant care and proper maintenance, which will see it grow into a sustainable little ecosystem in a contained space. This takes planning, attention to detail and even a bit of know-how. And all these are not too difficult to attain; especially the knowledge that pertains to maintaining a modern fish tank thanks to the magic of the internet!

Freshwater fish tanks are far easier to maintain than saltwater tanks
It is not always the fish who steal the show in modern fish tanks

We all fall in love with modern fish tanks because they simply remind us of that exotic and relaxing vacation that we wish we were on rather than getting stuck in our mundane office or boring homes. In all simplicity, the enchantment of an aquarium lies in its ability to bring a few fleeting moments of escape that brighten up our boring day.

Beautiful home fish tank looks balanced and vivid
Coral placed with care can create stunning and visually grand fish tanks
Elegant modern aquarium with a cool backdrop
Tropical fish tanks allow for using more colorful and brighter fishes

Fluid Design for a Flowing Aquatic Fantasy

Salt water fish tanks can mimic the ocean bed to perfection

If you really wish to make sure that the fish tank adds to the interiors of your home and enhances their appeal, then placement is crucial. There are some obvious things you still need to remember, like keeping the tank away from too much sunlight since you do not want it to turn into an algae fest! Sine modern fish tanks come in a variety of shapes and forms and can be pretty much placed anywhere, it is best to pick a spot where they easily become the focal point of the room.

Simple and stylish fish tank design
Spectacular fish tank seems to contain every possible color and shade!

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds on in its net of wonders for eternity. It is only us mere mortals who try to recreate that marvel in a diminutive magnitude by playing host to some of its most brilliant denizens.

Tropical aquarium designs offer plenty of color and wide variety
Stylish Fish tank all about creating the cool blue ocean indoors!
Placement of underwater green and proper cleaning are a must for every fish tank
Lovely coral fish tank with plenty of color

Bring Home the World’s Oceans!

Freshwater Aquarium with plenty of life in it

While freshwater aquariums are awesome, they concept of a modern fish tank is taken to a whole new level with saltwater aquariums that obviously can sport a wider variety of fish that not only will give you every available color and shade you want to see in your tank, but something but exotic and unique. Yet, saltwater fish tanks are inherently a bit more difficult to maintain than freshwater ones. Yet, it is no rocket science and with the right knowledge and enough patience, you should be able to succeed with ease.

A large coral aquarium with a clean and uncluttered look

Most people who get their first fish tanks tend to make some basic yet fatal errors that leave a bad taste in the mouth and might discourage them from trying again. Avoid opting for a modern fish tank that is too small as it will be harder to maintain than a larger one. Also introduce fishes into a new tank in moderation and do not push for too many too quickly. Study which fishes you want in your tank and how they interact with each other as well, before making the final choice.

Fish tank showcases how to sue small fish in a smart manner

A great fish tank really brings any place it is set in to life and that should surprise none, since its star performers are not lifeless décor and plastic furnishings, but dazzling swimmers with plenty of life in them!

A little bit of Jurassic fun for the fishes!
Aquariums look their best when uncluttered with too many fishes
Beautiful underwater vegetation gives this modern fish tank a unique appeal
Out of this world fish tank that creates grand underwater canopy

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