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How to Declutter Your Home

Are you ready to get a jump start on your spring cleaning? So are we! There’s nothing like getting bonus points for starting a job early, and since spring is not quite here, beginning your seasonal tidying duties before winter is over certainly qualifies as extra credit. No matter how big your home is, you likely feel that there simply isn’t enough space. While space may be a factor, your stuff may be the culprit. Perhaps there’s too much of it!

How do you organize your home to reduce clutter? You may be surprised at today’s suggestions, which emphasize the value of giving everything a place of its own and breaking organization down into manageable steps. If you can do those two things, the rest falls into place. Check out our tidying tips below and note how a little forethought can go a long way…

Getting Started

Let’s start with that clutter-filled room you just can’t bring yourself to face. Quite often, we don’t begin organizational projects because they simply overwhelm us. Don’t know where to start? As you’ll soon see, it’s all about taking it one step at a time[from Captain Bill Realty]

Declutter your home

Begin by tidying little by little, as suggested in a personal organizing article at About.com. In fact, once you get the job done, you can stay on top of the clutter by tidying up in 10-15 minute increments a couple of times a week. Yet how do you get from a heap of clutter to the neat arrangement you see below? As professional organizer Steve Webber suggests in a Real Simple article on home de-cluttering, try working for no more than one hour at a time continuously. Also, assume the project will take twice as long as you first imagined. This practical viewpoint cuts down on disappointment should your organizational endeavor stretch out past the expected end date. [from The Container Store via About.com]

Organized closet

Organizational Strategies

Don’t forget about the small hidden spaces. A room. A hallway. A closet. These are the spaces that catch your eye, but don’t discount the value of organizing other key areas, such as the inside of frequently accessed drawers. It’s funny how being met by a neatly arranged space–even a small one–can make you feel on top of the world on the busiest of days. [from Innermost Cabinets]

Decluttered drawer

Pay special attention to your work space. This is a biggie, folks. After all, your desk is the place where you pay bills and stay on top of other financial matters. Not to mention, if you work from home, this area can influence your productivity. Give yourself an advantage by making sure your desktop is extra tidy. Try to limit the amount of decorative items in the area, as a large number of smalls may actually interfere with your ability to spread out and get the job done. [from Regan Baker Design]

An organized workspace

Another key tidbit that will help you in your tidying endeavors, regardless of the room: give everything a place of its own. You want to be able to find your belongings in the shortest amount of time possible. Ideally, you will know what is contained in each cabinet, drawer and closet. And items such as scarves, office supplies and art supplies will have their own special holders. [by French Larkspur]

Organization jar

Don’t hesitate to use storage furniture to your advantage. Dual-purpose pieces such as the Small Storage Ottoman below can help keep stacks of unsightly clutter out of the way, especially if your place is short on closets and drawers… [from Toms-Price]

Storage ottoman

Not sure how to arrange your possessions? Let their use be your guide. In other words, the more you use it, the more accessible it should be. This philosophy is particularly helpful in spaces such as the kitchen, where you may leave an item or two on the counter while strategically placing other gadgets inside of cabinets so they’re available when needed. The more it’s used, the closer it should be to the front. Make sense?! [from HGTV.com]

Cluttered kitchen counter

It’s all in the display. This London interior emphasizes clean lines and neat spaces. In fact, the books are displayed pages-first (as opposed to being arranged by the spine). The result: an assortment of white and beige lines that provides an unexpected, refreshing viewpoint. And a tidy one at that! [from Increation]

Clever display solution

Another wonderful idea for the decluttering process: utilize an all-purpose box, as suggested by Real Simple. As you’re organizing one space, stash all items that don’t belong there in a handy receptacle, such as one of the Organixe Storage Boxes shown below. This way you can stay focused on the task at hand, then return out-of-place items to their resting spots at a later time. This strategy works for daily living as well. Collect clutter in a container whenever you spot an item that doesn’t belong, then return items to their original spots at the end of the week. [from Mio]

Storage boxes for an organized home

End Results

Now isn’t that better?! Don’t hesitate to adopt a clean and tidy approach to home decor. Some people enjoy being surrounded by intricate decorative vignettes, but others prefer to see clean, open space as they look around the room. If the latter applies to you, design your interior accordingly! [photo by Eva Stoyanov]

Less is more

Do you have any tried and true organizational tips you’d like to share? How about helpful hints for a decluttered space? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

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