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Choosing the Ideal Bathroom Sink for your Lifestyle

A nice sink can offer a good facelift to your bathroom. However, picking up the right bathroom sink needs a little more effort than just choosing one that looks good. Apart from being the focal point, the sink should congruous with the space, your lifestyle, and finally with the whole décor of the bathroom. So, before purchasing one, you have to take a few things into consideration.

Consider a raised modern sink for your bathroom

Image via: Ed Ritger – via

Sink Type

As many types of sinks are there, it would be a little bit tough for you to decide which type will suit your purposes. The type of sink will depend on the frequency with which you use your bathroom. Much storage or counter space is unnecessary for guest bathrooms, as they will seldom be used. So, stylish pedestal sinks would be great fit for these bathrooms. On the other hand, multiple sinks will work well with a big master bathroom. Multiple sinks will allow a couple to be ready for work at the same time in the morning.

Choose a sink to fit your bathroom lifestyle

Image: Francis Augustine – via

Select from colors, sizes and budget

The colors of sinks generally range from muted brown tones to bright greens and blues. So, the choice of color will depend on your personal preferences and the colors of the surroundings. Sinks are available in asymmetrical, rectangle, round, and oval shapes.

Fancy master bathroom with rounded sink

by Garret Cord Werner

Bright blue and white bathroom decor

by Melissa Lenox Design

Some shapes work better out in the open while others fit well into corners. So, choose the shape considering the place you want to install it. Considering your budget and needs, you can choose the sink materials. Copper or bronze made sinks are good for durability while cast polymer sinks are good fit for grandiose bathrooms as they include cultured marbles.

Choose a sink that serves both of you

Image:  Susan Jay Design – via

Choose a sink material that blends well with your bathroom

Image: Brennan Architects – via

Consider the size of your bathroom

The size of your bathroom is also a deciding factor in choosing the sinks. In fact, the amount of space on or adjacent to the sink differs with the configuration and style you select. You cannot set up the toiletry if the sink leaves little or no room. Before fixing your choice, think about how much space you need in the bathroom.

Modern bathroom with double sink

Another great design by PB Elemental

For example, a vessel sink that mounts on the top of a vanity will provide enough countertop room but a pedestal sink will not afford much space. Wall-mounted sink can also be used if you need more space in the bathroom. However, such a bathroom would be inapt if you have children at home because they will face difficulty using it.

Do you need more space for storage and toiletries?

Image: Red Bud Austin – via

Consider your Lifestyle

The type of sink can be dependent on your lifestyle and the kind of traffic that the bathroom is going to have. If you are accustomed to a posh lifestyle and your bathroom resembles a stylish powder room, a delicate sink style will be more appropriate for it. Stylish sinks can be used for bathrooms made for adults but kids’ bathrooms should be more conventional and should use hard sink styles.

Modern bathroom sink

Courtesy of PB Elemental

Modern bathroom with fancy sink design

Inspiration by Zieba Builders

Bathroom furniture with built-in sink

by Mark Newman Design

The selection of bathroom sinks will exclusively depend on personal perspective. A particular sink suitable for your purposes could be quite inappropriate for another person. Use these tips to choose the perfect sink for your bathroom and see how your morning routine just got a little better!

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