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Underground House Encased in Glass Offers a Modern take on Native American Pit House

As you get close to the Edgeland House located in Austin, Texas, you might be left wondering if there really is a home located on this green plot of land surrounded by plenty of natural ventilation. Designed in a delightfully conspicuous fashion by Bercy Chen Studio, the roof of this fascination underground home looks like a couple of sloped grass banks and most people walking by might never even realize that there is a large, spacious and stunning modern residence right next to them.

underground house

undeground house design

Yet, a peek inside will amaze you with sleek and stylish design couple with sustainable green architecture that borrows largely from the concept of the ‘Native American Pit House’ and uses the landscape as a thermal regulator to keep the home’s internal temperature always under control. Crafted out by excavating the area, the Edgeland House uses the earth’s mass to maintain a moderate temperature inside the residence, while the green roof also helps in natural insulation.

This means the underground home remains cool in summer and warm in winter and obviously places less demand on artificial heating needs. The gorgeous and expansive use of glass offers ample natural ventilation and the house is divided into two main quarters to ensure that you get a bit of natural freshness as you walk from the living enclosure to the sleeping dig.

underground house design

A cool pool, elegant contemporary décor and interesting form combine to pretty much present a look that reminds of the famous glass pyramid at Louvre!

What do you think? Would you live “underground”?

under ground house

house hidden underground

outdoor patio

glass house

huge glass walls

minimalist interior

minimalist metal kitchen

minimalist design

inner patio

small lap pool

undeground house with pool

underground plans

underground section plans

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