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How to Bring Spring Colors into Your Front Entry

Spring is the best time to start looking at revamping your home. From your curb appeal to the front door, spring is almost here and your home can’t wait!  A bold and beautiful front door dressed with colorful accessories can be the best way to welcome guests and others to your home. Spring is probably the perfect time to spruce your front entry and remove the trace of winter slump off it.

Brighten your spring foyer with lighting

Image: Dennis Mayer Photographer – via

Get Rid of Signs of Winter

Just look around and find out if the front entry is still holding any trace of winter. Is the brittle winter Christmas wreath still hanging on your front door? Take it out with any other former beauties that are still staring into your eyes. Toss them out and take preparation to decorate the door with seasonal theme. In addition, sweep up dead leaves and debris and wash bricks and siding of the door.

Colorful front entry with blue door and pillows on a bench

by Stephanie Wiley Photography

Brighten up your front entry with flowers

Image: Jeffers Design Group – via

Catch the Spring Rhythm with Color

Spring represents the vibrancy of nature and the front door is a perfect place to feature a vibrant color. A delightfully colored front door can be complemented with graduated hues on the siding of the door and porch area. For example, an acid-yellow colored front door with brown or taupe shade siding will just shout ‘Welcome!’

by PBElemental

The understated color will set off the brighter hue of the door. You can also go for vivid turquoise door with white door trim and dark sage-green porch color. Other popular ‘wow’ colors that you can use for your door are red, green, orange, and lush white.

What spring elements can you bring into your front entry?

Image: L G Vale – via

Redo the Stairs and Railings

If the front porch railings look quite dowdy due to the cold bites of winter, it is the time to redo them. You do not need to buy new ones. Just make them bolder so that they can grab attention. Bring freshness to the space by coating them with bright color, hanging spring flower baskets, or using draping plants. You can also mask the sidewalks, walkways, and stairs with plants. Use decorative urns for holding plants and place them along stairs or sideways.

Modern staircase railings

by Michelle Williams Photography

Modern staircase design

by Webber + Studio, Architects / Jacob Termansen Photography

Bring natural light into your front entry

Image: Angle Eye Photography – via

Add Functional Accessories

Lighting fixtures to the front entry can appear marvelous at night. Anything from a single pendant above the front door to wall sconces on both sides of the door will look beautiful. On the other hand, a wall-mount console table just behind the door can serve as a drop-off and pickup area. You can keep the mails and keys on it upon your arrival at home. A hefty mirror just above the table can be ideal for checking makeup and hair before heading outside.

Love bold color? Bring in a spring color and decor

Image: Ed Ritger – via

Colorful apartment entrance in Times Square

by moment design + productions, llc

Decorate the Foyer

Foyer is a space that can be decorated with various patterns. Chose a color combination for this place and decorate the fabrics, flooring, and wallpapers according to it. Using soft, warm colors like pale blue and white can add mild warmth to the place. If the foyer is big enough, a center table can be placed in it.

Colorful and bright foyer design

by Karen Joy Interiors

Two-story foyer with a Spring mood


Front entry is a great place to create an impression for the rest of the house and spring is the ideal time to spiff up the front door and the bordering porch area. It will add a little more appeal to your whole living place.

Ronique Gibson

Ronique Gibson is an Associate Architect and a LEED Accredited Professional, who has been in the architectural and interior design industry for over 13 years. Her architectural background has lent to years of hands on experience with homeowners, construction, and helping people love their homes. Ronique’s passion for finding inspiring and easy[...]

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