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Your Concrete Jungle: Eight Steps for Improving Your Sidewalks and Patios

The classic concrete jungle is a mad land filled with tension and the euphoric feeling that we inhabitants of this domain are on the precipice of success. The exciting acknowledgement that this success is both inevitable and imminent precedes all other tragedies such as smog, congestion, and crime and so the list goes on. Every moment is an adventure of anticipation for the next moment.

Rooftop, sidewalk, streets, all densely populated with people from the most diverse cultures, and unknown walks of life make up a jungle that Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman-fictitious animated cinema characters-only grew to appreciate after being exposed to a real jungle.

Artistic concrete entrance

by WA design

I’m sure many of us homeowners can empathize with that. And then we’ve encountered our concrete walkway leading up to our front door and the back yard patio. Both lost under weeds and discoloration that (let’s be honest) makes us think of one word: Drab.

In just eight steps you can revitalize your concrete and make it a shining example of your exemplary DIY skills.

Step One: Kerf your Turf

Those decorative slots in the sidewalks that as children we chanted would break your back or mother’s spine need a makeover. Measure the areas you want to cut a ridge into and then using a two by four as your guide and cut. To decrease the potential of dust spray mist the saw to dampen the edge.

Natural colored concrete walk with square kerfing

by Leslie Rohrer

Step Two: Get Mean and Clean

Think of something that makes you righteously angry. Then taking a wide, stiff broom transform that anger into energy by cleaning the space. Wash, rinse, repeat until you are satisfied with the cleansing ritual and hopefully your anger will have subsided by now. Really dirty areas may need a good power washing.

Stylish concrete patio flooring

by Kathryn Waltzer / Photo by Peter Duke

Step Three: A Coat of Color

Using a pump sprayer, apply your first coat of outdoor concrete stain by spraying evenly and consistently circular motion until the top of your surface is colored. Unlike most staining projects you apply your coat while the concrete is still wet.

White stained concrete sidewalk

by Robert Leeper Landscapes

Step Four: Marbleized with Motion

Again, don’t allow the concrete and your first coat of stain to dry as you begin to add your second coat. If you miss a spot, that’s okay, as this will just add to the marble effect of motion in concrete.

Polished stained concrete flooring for your patio

by emily jagoda

Step Five: Swish and Swirl

Using a gentle spray of water from your hose, use the current to mix the two stains until they start blending and marbleizing. Use the water to your advantage to push the stain into dry, bare spots until you begin to see the concrete patter form to perfection.

Stamped concrete flooring for your outdoor patio

by Synthesis Design

Step Six: Dry and Damage Control

Now when everything is dry look around for areas that are lacking vibrancy, color and stain. Spray your stain on a dry clean cloth and dab the target areas as this will help blend and continue your marble surface. Once you have attacked any stain free space with this method allow 24 hours of drying.

Concrete tiles for your patio

 by Arcanum Architecture

Step Seven: Seal the Deal

Using a roller apply a sealer to your dry concrete surface to prevent fading. This sealer can be applied every 3 to five years to upkeep your patio and walkway to maximum potential.

Dark stained and sealed concrete patio design

by Design Platform / Photo by www.zornphoto.com

Step Eight: Grill and Chill

When your sealer has set and dried to crisp perfection roll your grill back on the new resurfaced patio and fire it and the tunes up for some outdoor backyard party fun. Add a freezer chest of ice and drinks to the mix, a couple of lawn chairs and your buddies who helped exact this project and do yourself a favor after your DIY project: Chill. Just chill.

Stamped concrete customizable in various patterns

by Phillips Collection

Momina Khan

From a very early age Momina Khan discovered her passion and talent for rearranging furniture and indulging herself with interior design. Over the years this passion has only intensified as well as her education and calling in creative writing. As a writer Momina finds Decoist a perfect environment to creating art with words on the art of DIY d[...]

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