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Four Tricks to Make Your Home More Comfortable

We hear a lot of talk about how to make a home more stylish and sophisticated. While having décor and design you’re proud to share with guests is extremely important, the comfort of your living space still reigns supreme. Unfortunately, in many cases, marrying style and comfort can be a bit difficult – especially when some of the most high fashion choices are the least usable.

Comfy living room decor with fireplace and bright colors

by Kitchens & Baths, Linda Burkhardt

In order to help you create a fashionable and cozy space, here are four easy tricks

1) KEEP BLANKETS AND PILLOWS AT HAND. A decorative basket can be a great place to store additional blankets and throws in your living room, bedroom or guest room. Even if they’re only used once or twice on the chilliest of nights, they will make your living space feel cozy and relaxed.

Comfortable design ideas for home

by Urrutia Design

Ultra modern living room with stylish couch

by New Mood Design / Photography: Darren Edwards

Comfy Swedish inspired decor

by Jenn Hannotte / Hannotte Interiors

2) KEEP IT ORGANIZED. Clutter can make both you and your guests instantly anxious and uncomfortable, so eliminate this problem by attacking the clutter head on and tossing out as much as possible. Invest in organizational tools such as baskets, shelving units and furniture with hidden storage. By ridding your home of unnecessary junk, you will feel much more at ease.

Stunning bedroom decor with recessed lighting

by RS3 Innovative + Architectural DESIGN

Comfy home office chairs

by mark pinkerton – vi360 photography

Traditional dining room with comfy bench

by Anne Sneed Architectural Interiors / Brady Architectural Photography

3) SELECT PUSH SEATING. One drawback to the mid-century modern furniture craze is that these pieces can be a bit small – and many of the sofa and chair designs have stiff, low backs. Although they’re great for offices and secondary seating options, they’re not exactly the best option for settling in for a movie and popcorn. On the other hand, full, plush furniture with extra cushions offer the comfort you desire.

Comfy kitchen push seating

by Hufker Design Studio

Living room comfy push seating

by Atmosphere Interior Design / D&M Images

4) DON’T CROWD YOUR SPACE. Like clutter, too many elements in one room can make you feel as though you’re suffocating. Displaying too many framed photos or pieces of wall art, various knick-knacks and other such items will stifle comfort. Similarly, too many conflicting colors can also shrink your space. Keep it simple. Get rid of unnecessary décor, and you’ll instantly enjoy more breathing room.

Beautiful bedroom design with comfy bed

by Drew McGukin Interiors

Window couch with city view in the Chelsea apartment

by Garret Cord Werner

Comfy minimalist living area

by Robert Young Architects

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