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Winter Front Landscaping Ideas for Great Curb Appeal

Even though wintertime is perfect time for snuggling up in your home next to a cozy fire, it’s also the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors. From snow activities like sledding and making snowmen to enjoying a wintery wonderland your outdoor home shouldn’t be neglected.

For many homeowners, snow isn’t a factor and wintertime means cooler temperatures but enjoyable entertaining time in the front or backyards with kids. Here are tips to keep your winter landscaping looking great in whatever climate you live in.

You can still keep nice curb appeal during the winter

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Winter wonderland:

Winter snow can blanket your entire outdoor landscaping, leaving you to think that curb appeal isn’t important until springtime.  On the contrary, your outdoor home should be kept free of fallen debris such as tree limbs and sidewalks and driveways should be kept clear of ice to prevent falls.

If you live in an area that only receives a dusting of snow now and then, ensure piles of leaves, loose rocks, and miscellaneous debris is cleared from stairs and front entry areas for safety and to create a welcoming entrance for guests.

Focus on evergreen and colorful shrubs for wintertime curb appeal

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Moderate temperature winters:

If your home is located in a climate where winters are moderate and frozen landscaping isn’t an issue, look to your dormant lawn and plant beds for sprucing up. Dormant grass can use winter fertilization to ensure grass will return healthy in the spring, and plant bed can house coniferous or evergreen plants.

Many homes utilize rock beds, concrete sitting areas and other hardscape to prevent from relying on blooming flowers for visual appeal in the winter. Consider using gravel, colorful mulch, stones, and even planters of artificial flowers at your front door to add color and interest.

Moderate winter climates can still focus on plant beds and landscaping

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Lighting your outdoor winter home:

In the evening time – every home needs good lighting for safety and for nighttime curb appeal. Look at your home from the street in the evening time to see what areas are dark, and which are light. Urban homes that have streetlights may only need to concentrate on lighting pathways and sidewalks to the front door.

If you live in a suburban or country home, ensure landscaping, driveways, and even your home are well illuminated areas of interest to the eye.

Up lighting on architectural features of your home are great ways to add illuminate your home and still provide subtle ambient lighting around your landscaping.

Urban homes can benefit from architectural lighting

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Light your home for evening curb appeal

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While wintertime is considered an indoor time of the year at your home, remember spring will be here before you know it and your outdoor home will reflect how well you took care of it!

Use these landscaping tips to ensure your winter landscaping can look as great now as it will when the temperatures warm up.

Ronique Gibson

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