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Creative Black And White Patterned Curtain Ideas

While you may frown upon monochromatic color schemes in your interiors, black and white patterned curtains can be just the touch to change your mind. Depending on your preference, there are lots of creative looks you can achieve when you choose to decorate the interiors of your home, both the living room and bedroom, with black and white curtains. If you choose, you can pair your black and white bold prints, stripes, polka dots and floral designs with certain colors and lighter neutrals for a fabulous look for your home.

Black and white curtains in a modern living room

by Elena Calabrese Design & Decor

For the best of these curtain ideas, it is necessary to consider the furniture, type of flooring and the color scheme you already maintain. If your living room or bedroom is a beehive of neutrals and brown colors, black and white curtains might not work for you. Check out the ideas below to get started in the right direction.

Add character to your room with high contrast colors

Image: Design Loft Interiors – via

Change the character of your room:

For this type of home, what will work is the use of full length curtains in black and white bold stripes. The stripe is to help the ultra modern interior scheme to blend in without sticking out like the proverbial sore finger. Think about hot pinks, glass tables and chandeliers being complemented with a full length bold-stripped black and white curtain. It will give a fun and playful look to your living room.

Black and white curtains pair up nicely with pastel colors

Image: Nichole Loiacono Design – via

Long black and white curtains in a loft apartment

by Emily Elizabeth Interior Design

Black and white floral drapes for your home office

by Sarah Greenman

Curtains in your bed or bathroom:

In this type of room, what works best is the use of dark and more dramatic curtain designs. It does not have to be stripes. Having full length black curtain first, followed by a full length white curtain, followed by two more black curtains in the middle, another white curtain and finally a black curtain, you are sure to create a dramatic look for your living space. Try incorporating any of these colors in the throw pillow and it will certainly be a look that is out of this world.

Bathroom shower curtain in striking black and white

Image: Tobi Farley – via

Bedroom patterned black and white curtains soften the headboard wall

Image: Segev – Photography – via

Use curtain with contrasting textile fabrics to match room decor:

If you choose, you can achieve this look with a simple white and black Roman shade. The design will be such that it blends seamlessly with the room’s décor. For those who prefer panels, you can go for black and white draperies hung against a patterned wall or opt for patterns, solids, geometric prints and more!

Try adding black and white patterned curtains – especially in kids’ rooms!

Image: Harry Braswell  – via

Black and white curtains in contrast with other home accessories

by The Yellow Cape Cod

You can even choose the design of your black and white curtain to match with your bed linens, duvets, throw pillows and pillow cases. Being simple and classic, black and white curtain is sure to add a new decorating style into your home. It does not matter if your style or preference is contemporary, traditional, casual or eclectic, you will surely find black and white curtain ideas that will work for you.

Ronique Gibson

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