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Ingenious Lampshades & Innovative Paper Vases From Pepe Heykoop and Tiny Miracles

Sometimes all it takes is a moment of inspiration to change the lives of many and the fascinating and fabulous collection of creative furnishings displayed at imm cologne 2013 by Pepe Heykoop and Tiny Miracles Foundation is one of those amazing ideas. The interesting and arguably unusual collection of lamp shades, matka and paper vases presented by the group not only bring a unique and inimitable look to your interiors, but also help in lighting up the lives of hundreds of families that live in the poverty stricken slums of Mumbai, India.

While Mumbai is touted as the financial capital of the country, it is also home to one of the world’s largest slum area where livings standards are simply downright dangerous. But with the help of local communities the project aims to help around 700 families acquire healthcare, education and jobs through the crafting of these innovative décor items.

The collection itself is alluring with the likes of the paper vases, which are crafted using a water-proof, flat-pack skin that turns an empty bottle into a gorgeous vase that lights up your home with its unusual curves and peerless charm. The bamboo and copper lampshades also are pleasing works of art that are as good as any other hand-crafted lamp installations you will ever see and with the collection having an authentic and artistic touch, each piece is both exclusive and exceptional.

Intricate weaving skills and invaluable help from various organizations like the Tiny Miracles will hopefully help improve the standard of life in this otherwise exploited community. [courtesy of designboom]

Sherry Nothingam

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