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Choosing Sunroom Furniture to Match your Design Style

Basking in the warmth of the sunlight as often as you wish is easily attainable. With the addition of a sunroom to your home, you can always watch the sun rise in the morning whenever you choose to while you receive maximum sunlight and freshness. With the addition of the sunroom, it becomes necessary to make a choice of sunroom furniture to match your design style. You can choose the furniture based on whether your design style is modern, eclectic or traditional.

Ultra modrn sunroom with retractable doors

by hatch + ulland owen architects

Reinvent the traditional notion of a seasonal room

by Dwelling Designs

Also playing a major role on the type of furniture you use is the color you are comfortable with and the ability of such color to match your current decor or color scheme. The sunroom furniture comes in different materials like resin, wicker and PVC and with the tips below, you will be able to choose something that works just fine for your space.

Wicker sun room furniture is classic and comfortable

Image: Dec Dens.com – via

Wicker Furniture:

This type of sunroom furniture is made from natural materials like the palm cane and bamboo. Not only is the furniture light, it also comes in various styles and designs, such that you can always find something that will serve every purpose of having a sunroom added to your property. However, in order for the wicker furniture to last longer for you, it is better to learn how to properly take care of it.

Exposure to rain or cold gives room to mold growth so if it is exposed in any way, it should be quickly exposed to the sun and properly cleaned up to avoid the growth of mold which can be very unsightly.

Brighten your sunroom with playful cushions

Image: Rob Karosis  – Crisp Architects – via

Choose furniture that matches your design style

Image: Archia Homes-via

Lighter furniture made of plastic/vinyl:

A very unique and light furniture that is designed to withstand those harsh elements that are synonymous with sunrooms. To enhance the beauty of the furniture, you can add beautiful cushions to it but they should come in colors that will complement what you already have. With the addition of a petite glass center table, side chairs, and decorative plants, you sunroom will be complete.

Consider wood as a traditional favorite

 Image via: Wiley Stewart  – via

Eclectic Sunroom Furniture:

This is for those who have diverse purposes for their sunrooms. Although you wish to have it as a room where you will come out in the daytime, sit and absorb the warmth that goes with the sunlight, you would also want to use it to entertain your guests, whether in the daytime or at night. Based on this, the furniture should be slightly formal. While you may have wicker chairs and side table, you can also include a complete cushion in the sunroom to achieve that semi-formal look.

Take inspiration from the architecture of your home

Image: Blue Sky Building Company – via

Stylish sunroom steps away from your bedroom

by Alan Design Studio / Designer: Jean Alan Design, Assistant: Jody Trombley

Cozy sunroom design with couch and coffee table

by Martha O’Hara Interiors

Beautiful conservatory design

by Conservatory Craftsmen

Sea view sunroom in a beach house

by The Anderson Studio of Architecture & Design

Whether you like traditional, eclectic or modern sunroom furniture or in some cases, combination of one or more designs, they will all find a beautiful place in your sunroom or conservatory. Choose from various sizes, shapes and designs to help you achieve maximum decoration in your home and relax in maximum comfort with these helpful suggestions.

Added porch with sunroom design that gets the eye

by Alan Design Studio

Which one is your favorite?

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