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Wassily Chair by Marcel Breuer: 22 Inspirational Ideas that Integrate the Classic Design Icon

Just like in the glittering world of Hollywood and the ever-changing realms of fashion, even furniture and décor have their eternal stars that have gone on to becoming defining images of style and substance. For those who are ardent followers of interior design the Wassily chair needs absolutely no introduction. The iconic and highly sought after chair was first designed by architect, Bauhaus instructor and creative designer Marcel Breuer.

Even those who do not really know the name of the chair or even anything regarding its history will most instantly recognize its form.

Semi minimalistic modern bedroom appears exquisite thanks to Wassily chair in Black

Here is a collection of wonderful interiors that feature this evergreen chair to create a unique and captivating atmosphere that has a wonderful blend of the contemporary and the classic. As you browse through the images, you will realize that the Wassily chair fits in perfectly with almost any theme that you have chosen for your home and offers a touch of regal majesty to any theme ranging from the traditional to the modern and even the minimalist!

Twin white Wassily chairs steal the show in this extravagantly wooden home

by Randy Brown

Wassily Chairs in dark hues add a sense of classic modernity to this traditional home

by Fivedot Design Build

Stylish and sleek house with a gorgeous fireplace and Wassily chair among decor

by Kore Residential

Stunning living room inspiration incorporating Wassily chairs with sled base

by Thomas Lawton Architect

 History in the Making

Creative shelf design goes seamlessly with the beautiful Wassily chairs

by Capoferro Design Build Group

Whether you already own a Wassily chair or intend to buy one, the most interesting and intriguing part of this piece of furniture is the amount of history that it carries along with it and the many stories linked to it. Also known as the Model B3 chair, it was designed by Marcel Breuer while he was the head of the cabinet-making workshop at the Bauhaus in 1925-26.

Gorgeous cabinetry and innovative wall art along with sleek modern furnishings

The handles of Breuer’s Adler bicycle were the inspiration for the chair and though it was named ‘Wassily’ because one of the first admirers of the chair was renowned Russian abstract painter Wassily Kandinsky; it was not designed by Breuer initially for his use. Over the years the name Wassily chair stuck around and since the 1950s it has been in continuous production.

Beautiful design inspiration for small living spaces using Wassily chairs
Black and Yellow contemporary living room with black Wassily chair

by Product Bureau LLC

Chic Modern Living Room with Wassily Leather Chairs in Black and White

by A Good Chick To Know

Bringing Modernity with Unassuming Charm

Compact modern loft in dark tones with Wassily chairs that match the couch

by ENDGRAIN Design-Build

The beauty of the Wassily chair lies in its ability to bring about a sense of modern design and a contemporary feel to any room that it graces without ever looking as if it is trying too hard. In a simpler sense, Breuer’s creation is way ahead of its time and the Wassily chair is a perfect epitome of modern minimalism at its captivating best. Its sleek form, ergonomic design and the inherent philosophy of ‘less is more’ is pretty much what has helped it stay relevant even after nearly 70 years.

Leather Wassily Lounge Chair goes perfectly well with the creative template of this home

by Birdseye Design

Lovely little glass side table and an expansive wooden roof compliment the Wassily chairs perfectly

by Stoecker and Northway Architects

Marcel Breuer’s Wassily Chair gives this compact space a modern makeover

by Heather Merenda

Modern living room in New York with concrete flooring and cool furniture

by Vanni Archive

Sparkling Steel and Lavish Leather in Colors Galore

Contemporary bedroom with an all white template looks picture perfect

by Dumican Mosey Architects

The flowing tubular steel frame and the leather straps allow you to doubt if the Wassily chair was indeed design as far back as the 1920s. The chair comes in a multitude of colors which can be mixed and matched to create an interior of your choice. The compact nature of its design allows it to seamlessly fit in anywhere and create a conversation area that is both visually appealing and comfortable as well.

Open living space design with cool incorporation of Wassily chairs
Patterned wooden flooring and white walls form a perfect backdrop for Wassily chairs here

by a+b kasha designs

Spacious open room’s beauty accentuated by the use of Wassily chairs in twin shades

by Amitzi Architects

Sparkling living space lit by skylights with Wassily chairs for cool contrast

by Griffin Enright Architects

Cozy and inviting home with Wassily chairs
Wassily chairs along with sleek fireplace grace this gorgeous home

by Portal Design Inc

Elegant, effervescent, historically significant and always relevant, the Wassily chair is a vintage creation ideal for the smart modern home.

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