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Rec Room Design Ideas For Some Fancy Time at Home

When building and renovating a home, large spaces with no immediate purpose might come up. Especially if it´s the attic or basement area, you might not know what to do with this extra room. Adding another bedroom would be playing it safe and reasonable. Then again, you can turn this space in a kind of room most children and many fixated and slightly immature adults dream of a rec room.

An elegant rec room with stylish furniture

by Modern Group

Rec room design with pool table and home theater
by Jeffrey King Interiors

The rec room or hobby room is a haven for activities that generally don´t find their place in the neat and homey layout of living rooms, like gaming consoles, ping pong tables, poker tables and huge lounge chairs, maybe a home bar. However, it needn’t necessarily be something that´s bad for you. It might as well be a library that also indulges your passion for board games.

Rustic rec room with beanbags
by kimberly peck architect
Relaxing rec room with a wall TV unit

by Willey Design Inc.

A Foosball table, pool table or even a bowling lane, if the space allows it,  prove great companions and allies against daily stress, even if you didn´t consider yourself the type. Give it a try, these games are catchy.  Also, these alone-time practice sessions are very effective in making you improve your game. At a gathering of some sports, friends will be impressed with your skill.

Contemporary and sustainable relaxing room with a green style
Rustic rec room with pool table

by Elizabeth Dinkel

Modern rec room with billiards table

by About:Space

No matter the placement inside the house, be it an airy attic or an initially seedy basement, it can be turned into the right kind of relaxation spot. These rooms are made to accommodate fun and fantasies. That is why an imaginative approach of space is very called for. A tall gable is a great place to hang a swing or a boxing bag. Floor to ceiling shelves for displaying and storing various paraphernalia are practical and easy on the eyes.

Attic rec room in a modern home in Toronto

Many rec room spaces receive a  notoriously masculine design, with heavy leather chairs and dark curtains, but the addition of wood, especially one of a brighter hue,  brings a homey touch. However, rec rooms do not always have to be bachelor-y. To avoid a clunky appearance, consider white and electric blue or navy blue instead of aged classical dark wood and wallpaper. Or how about a wall covered in Manga or Graffiti ?

Having your own bowling lane at home, priceless

Pros know that lighting is a very important aspect of rec rooms. Especially with pool tables, the proper lighting cannot be overlooked. A pool table is best complemented through pendant luminaires that also make it easier to visualize and hit.
Since rec rooms exist not only to indulge our souls but also to wow our friends, consider fancy and ultra modern lighting solutions such wall elements lit from under the edges or back-lit, indirectly lit ceilings and stylish pendant lamps.

Rustic, yet elegant basement as rec room

by Nor-Son

Stylish rec room with purple double couch and a fireplace

by Suite 102

Such elements make for eye-catchers that make stuffy furniture obsolete, so you can simply concentrate on modern, comfortable and fun. The  beat shade lamps by Tom Dixon can be construed as elegant in their black and gold finish but also as whimsical in their 3 different shapes and hung in clusters. Not once have I seen them complement pool tables.

A dark man cave for enjoying a cigar and a cognac with friends
by dSPACE Studio Ltd
Bright attic games room for a relaxing evening

by Vicente Burin Architects

Especially if you enjoy having friends over, add a small home bar by the entertainment area, it will surely come in handy and be appreciated. It could be classical, of clunky and elegant dark wood for some Hemingway or a light industrial bar with shiny aluminum surfaces and black-lit glass.

A hand-made bar piece of reconditioned wood with retro accessories is also ingenious. And if you usually avoid colored light in your home, confidently bring some electric blue or green or red to the rec room. Adding an acrylic LED light sign would turn your home bar into a hit. After all, presentation is everything. And speaking about a bar, the practical and reasonable thing to do would be to add a modernist and comfy sofa, just in case someone stays over in this place that children and adults dream about.

Elegant and fun rec room with traditional furniture

by Carolyn Rebuffel Designs

Fun room with reading nook and bar chairs

by Emily Johnston Larkin

Ultra elegant tenis table in games room


Cozy rec room with white L-shape couch

by M.J. Whelan Construction

Rec room with table tenis

by Murphy & Co. Design / Photo by Shelley Paulson

Contemporary rec room with purple LED ceiling lights

by dC Fine Homes & Interiors

Home bar with a pool table and a relaxing feel

by Tim Barber LTD Architecture & Interior Design

Jeanne Paula

I write for decoist.

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