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Mandarin Oriental Paris Promises to Bath You in Luxury and Style

A holiday in France is by itself an amazing experience that is filled with many glorious sights and sounds. The pinnacle of that experience is a stay in the world’s fashion capital as the City of Lights is one of the most sought after destinations on the planet.

The Mandarin Oriental in Paris promises to make this stay all the more amazing and memorable thanks to its majestic and classic interiors, lavish and luxurious rooms that promise a view of the Eiffel Tower among many other delights and a world-class spa that will wash away all your woes.

Mandarin Oriental - Paris

upper terrace

Designed by Wilmotte & Associés S.A., the hotel promises plenty of choices in terms of the staying options as you can opt from the 139 gorgeous guest rooms, 39 lavish suites that sport two and three bedrooms, designer duplex suites laced in opulence and promising private balconies and a Royale Mandarin Suite that well and truly is the crown jewel of the Mandarin Oriental. The impeccable service and delectable cuisine will leave you wanting for more, while the spa and wellness center ensures that your holiday stays relaxing and refreshing at all times.

beautiful lobby

The striking design of the hotel with amazing use of glass at the entrance leaves you mesmerized as you step into this world of extravagance and indulgence. The ample presence of natural green all around and the very best in décor and technological add-ons make each room and the entire hotel simply enchanting and leave you awestruck. The intoxicating bar and the cool pool, along with a top-notch gym and personalized service make sure that you will never forget a stay at this dramatically designed classic.

reception hall

beautiful bedroom design

superb hotel room paris

huge hotel room

colorful and artistic room

luxurious bedroom design

stunning hotel apartment

luxury bathroom

luxury massage room

luxury pool

beautiful restaurant table setup

bar with champagne

contemporary restaurant design

restaurant design paris

modern conference room

luxury gym

terrace restaurant

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  • john

    Act of Racism at Mandarin Oriental Paris.

    I was sitting in a
    common area (lobby)of the Mandarin Oriental Paris hotel on he phone with my Nigerian
    family ( may be a little loud) and was confronted by a hotel Chinese employee
    named Arina Phouthakhanty
    who said, “This place is for guests of the hotel. You must leave.” Room was
    registered under my assistant name.

    The worker would hear none of my explanation that i was a
    guest. she insisted that i must leave immediately.

    After it was established that indeed i was a distinguished
    guest of the Mandarin Oriental Paris Hotel and good friend of GM Philipe
    Leboeuf. She apologized by offering some complimentary drink and a later and
    try to explain hat she was part of the management team.

    I asked for Mister Leboeuf and was told that he left few
    minutes ago. Not true , and i am sure he didn’t have any report of this

    This incident needs to be publicized as much as possible
    because i cannot believe it is an isolated incident. Let it be a warning to
    others that we are not going to allow people to get away with this kind of behavior
    in 2014. It is not simply a matter of sacking the employee Arina Phouthakhanty – it is about changing attitudes and training
    staff appropriately. And if that is not being done then the apology is

    I think i
    can’t stay anywhere better than the famous George V in Paris. Also staying in a Four Seasons Hotel
    is a guarantee of quality and excellent service. I still consider that Mandarin
    Oriental Paris is a good hotel.