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DIY Curtains That Will Blow Your Mind

One of the most important accents in a room are curtains. They add life, dimension, and complete the room. They can turn shabby into chic, ordinary into extraordinary, and the dull and lifeless into an invigorating, welcoming environment.

There are so many different styles, designs, and colors to choose from. The curtains you choose will say a lot about who you are and set the tone for the rest of the room.

DIY Curtains With Bold Stripes

DIY black and white striped curtains

These curtains are perfect for accentuating deep colors and patterns in your living room. Notice how the red accessories and the detail in the couch pillows stand out against the bold stripes on the curtains. This style is not only beautiful but versatile, because the colors can easily be adapted to match the color scheme you have chosen for your home. Check out Sarah Macklem’s tutorial on Home Stylist, on how to make these curtains.

Neutral striped curtains

Here is an example of how great the same style curtains look in a more neutral tone. The simplicity of their style helps tie everything in the room together and draws attention to the smaller details in the room such as the green vases in the corners, the white magazines on the bench, and the detail in the hardwood floor. Juxtaposed. there is nothing simple about this room! [More about this on a thoughtful place]

DIY Painted canvas curtains

Differing slightly from the previous projects, you can use two canvas drop cloths, latex paint in the color of your choice, a foam roller, a ruler, and a pencil to create this same style. Simple enough, yet eye catching, these curtains will help to keep the bright rays of the sun out because of the thick canvas material.  Learn all of the steps  that Jennifer from Blissfully Ever After took to create these curtains.

Sophisticated grey striped curtains

The striped curtains in this cosmopolitan style room are an example of how contrasting patterns can bring a room to life.  Notice how every detail from the reflection in the shiny black coffee table to the embellishments on the chest of drawers, every pattern, and every contour work together to create unity in this beautiful room. [image courtesy of centsationalgirl]

Budget Friendly DIY Curtains

Budget friendly blue and white striped curtains

This panel curtain idea is simple and affordable! This project also uses drop cloth canvas and paint. With a little time, a little creativity, and little money, you can learn how to turn your lifeless curtains into a piece of unique décor that contributes to the creativity in any room. [Ryan Schlehuber from DNFreeTime blogged about it]

A DIY way to boost plain curtains

Create a custom look by adding ribbon or colored fabric to ordinary curtains. You can also glue silk flowers, beads, and other trinkets to liven them up a bit more. The possibilities are endless and the design depends on you! Thank you DIYNetwork for this fabulous low-cost idea!

Unique style curtains created with a black and pink design

Here is another idea for turning those plain curtains into something to be proud of. All you’ll need is a tape measure, some fabric, and curtain rings, and you will can be well on your way to achieving those awesome curtains designed by none other than yourself.  [image via]

DIY stencil curtains

Stenciled curtains are a creative way to achieve the perfect look at a price that won’t break your budget. All you have to do is decide what pattern you would like for your new curtains and follow this full tutorial by AshleyPhipps from SimplyDesigning. You’ll love the results, and so will your friends!

DIY Curtains made by upcycling a tablecloth

You can’t go wrong with these tablecloth curtains. That old tablecloth you just dont want to get rid of but don’t know what else do do with can make a fabulous new window treatment. Both simple and sophisticated, these curtains are sure to bring style to any room! [Image DIYNetwork]

DIY Café Curtains

DIY vintage cafe curtains

A great addition to any kitchen, these stylish café curtains let in natural light while still providing privacy. These fantastic, fully useful curtains are easy to make and to install. Make sure to visit pambaboma.com to get inspired with other ideas on how to dress your windows.

DIY kitchen curtains

Another creative idea makes use of none other than the kitchen towel. Whether you have extra lying around or you simply would like to retire your favorite used ones, they can maintain their usefulness by serving as your new fashionable kitchen curtains. This idea is relatively easy-to-make and can be found here.

Sheer cafe curtains make a great addition to any kitche

This final idea utilizes a sheer piece of fabric cut to size and would look great in any kitchen. There’s no sense in trying to go above and beyond when something this simple looks this good. You can learn more from Steph and Meg from DoItYourselfDivas.

Sarah Lyons

I write for decoist.

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