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Inspiring Ideas for a Trendy Teen Room

The teenage years are a special time in any child’s life. It’s a period full of discovery – from forming life-long hobbies and interests to discovering relationships and enjoying the first real taste of independence.

Parents can do many things to assist their kids through this several-year transition into adulthood, but one of the best gifts they can give their teen kids is a place that reflects their own unique personality.

Teenager bedroom design idea

ASID Showcase House 2012 by RLH Studio

Here are four ideas for a hip teen bedroom

TUFFED HEADBOARDS – A teen’s room should be more mature than a child’s, but not quite completely adult. Choose décor options that blend the two together – such as a fun headboard. Tufted headboards are a classic style that is both mature and playful, and can even be homemade.

Stylish teen bedroom with tuffed headboard

by The Couture Rooms

BRIGHT PAINT COLORS – One of the best ways to liven up a room is to add a splash of color – and what better way to do so than with a fresh coat of paint? Let your kid pick out their favorite hue. Create an accent wall, or go crazy and paint the whole room.

Bright colored teen bedroom

by Marie Burgos Design / Photography by Francis Augustine

STARRY CEILING – While the concept may sound a little juvenile, a night sky ceiling can actually provide a great touch to your teen’s room. Paint the entire space dark blue and adhere tiny shining stars. You could also create the same effect with a few strands of twinkle lights behind a sheet canopy.

Union Jack & Star Wars teen boy bedroom with sky ceiling

Carmel from OurFifthHome did such an amazing job with this bedroom for her son …

CHALKBOARD WALL – Let your teen cover their wall in memorable quotes, lyrics to favorite songs and other non-permanent graffiti. Easily turn any space of wall into a chalkboard with a can of chalkboard paint.

Teen bedroom with chalboard wall

by Dayka Robinson / photography Christina Wedge

One last piece of advice – when incorporating a special hobby or interest into a design, do so carefully. While your son’s iPod may be chock full of Bob Marley or your daughter has developed a penchant for sparkling vampires, either of these phases could end at any moment.

Adolescence is a time of transition, so make sure the space is open for these changes.

modern bunk beds for teen bedroom

by Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders / Photos: Bruce DaMonte

blue themed teen bedroom design

by Ellen Grasso & Sons / Photo by Danny Piassick

stylish teenage girl room design

by SHH – Spence, Harris, Hogan Associates

sporty teen bedroom decor

 by Vidabelo Interior Design

Black and white teenage bedroom

Greene Street Loft by GRADE NYC

Beautiful teenage bedding

from Bed Bath and Beyond (between $180 and $200)

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