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Kids room designs that celebrate childhood

Remember a time when going to bed in our childhood was only just the beginning of a new adventure ? We would build ourselves forts or hammocks just to escape the dullness of directly and righteously going to sleep.

Blue and red kids rooms with polka dots rug

by Beinfield Architecture PC / Photo credit: Michele Scotto

And even though the modern consumption world gives us everything already prepared, that slight atmosphere of improvisation and adventure should not go lost on a kid’s room. They see the world differently than adults, and what seems to us a perfectly practical bed or writing desk, a child’s mind will turn it into something from a fictional world. Let’s look at some kids’ room designs that celebrate imagination and serve kids while growing to the ages all the while preserving creativity.

Loft beds or bunk beds

We’ve talked about the special nature of loft beds and, when faced with some, each of us has probably chosen to sleep in the upper bed. There is something about sleeping or even playing at this height that for some reason just seems much more attractive than the floor or a classic bed. But most of all, it is a way to experience space and arranging such a layout can contribute with some ingenious space saving solutions.

Ultra modern bunk beds for kids

by Leone Design Studio

Stylish kids room

by Philpotts Interiors

Don’t forget that most kids like to climb. It keeps them active and channels their energy. This calls for ingenious ways to access the lofty areas of their rooms. I’m thinking rope ladders and sliding poles. Who’s with me here ?


Since a kid’s room is his/her bedroom, living room, study and development area, there’s a need for multifunctionality and flexibility, especially since most children’s’ rooms don’t actually have that much space. Remember that kids rooms are often places for sleeping, playing, studying and their own living rooms. But multifunctional is in trend now, and children most of all will appreciate the creative method, especially with the right colors and accessories to make this place feel friendly and at home through the ages.

Creative space layouts

Drafting a room layout like an island for a child can make this space unique and creative. A special touch can be given by a round bed central in the room, or an alcove by the window, with the bed elevated on a stair or two and surrounded by shelves with your child’s favorite books and memories.

Nook bed in a child’s room

by Driggs Designs

Versatile stairs

Every constructive element in a child’s room can hold a surprise, which brings us to the very popular stair storage concept. Stairs to the loft bed can double as shelves or even drawers, a welcomed way to solve the problem of having too much stuff. And it’s also an easy and fun way to put toys and things back in their places.

Blue themed kids bedroom design

by Southam Design Inc

Feminine additions for girls’ rooms

A girl’s room can be feminine without being stuffy, just through the right use of colors and textiles. You’d probably find a canopy bed rather unpractical to sleep in, but she might love it, simply because it’s something special and seemingly out of a fairytale. A girl’s bed should be larger than the standard size, because sleepovers are bound to happen.

There are a few things uncommon of a room to live in that some of us, who haven’t had them, will always have a fixation for: a hammock, a swing, a rocking chair, maybe a tent.

Loft kids bedroom decor with hammock

by Julie Ranee Photography

Friendly Accessories

Spare no fantasies: bean bags, funny shaped shelves and beautiful dimmable lamps for ceiling and floor with colored lights. Also, it’s a shame to leave the walls bare. How many of us haven’t wished a view of the starry sky on our ceiling and tried to achieve it through glow in the dark moon and star stickers ? Here’s a full-on cosmic system with celestial bodies for a fascinating falling asleep (or staying awake) experience. Who said mobiles were just for babies ?

Here’s  a room layout for creative or graphically expressive types. Let’s face it, drawing on house walls has always been more fun than on paper. Add to the mix a table layout of pink transparent plastic chairs for the innocent touch of kitsch that every young girl loves -and then swears off.

Contemporary kids room with fancy wall shelves

by sak designs

Your kid’s bedroom could use a tent to add to its playfulness

by Jute Interior Design / Photo Matthew Millman

Floating pirate ship bedroom

by Kuhl Design Build LLC

Writing on the walls has never been more cool

by Cornerstone Architects / Photography by Adam Steiner

A blue tree in a girl’s bedroom

by Incorporated (Inc) / Photography by Annie Schlechter

Modern kids bedroom idea with an integrated desk

by Création Maryse Crôteau

Jeanne Paula

I write for decoist.

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