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DIY Candle Holder Ideas to Brighten Your Home

We cannot help but invest ourselves in our homes. From picking the right paint color and arranging the furniture to deciding on the perfect accent décor, our design choices not only tells a story of our unique style, they make a house a home. No matter the style, a popular accent to any home that brings warmth and comfort is the candle. Used to create a memorable, aromatic atmosphere or simply to bring in more style, candles can be incorporated into unique arrangements that showcase your creativity.

The Coffee Lover’s Delight

DIY coffee beans candles

This easy yet sophisticated display is warm and welcoming. Select three small, deep bowls or glass flower pots and fill them to the top with coffee beans choosing a bean flavor that matches the aroma you would like to achieve. Now center a votive candle on top, making sure you nestle it a bit into the coffee beans to help hold it in place.

Thank you Buzzfeed (above) and Julia Soplop from CalmCradle (below) for inspiring these fragrant idea!

DIY candle arrangement with coffee beans

Another idea comes from the guys at HauteMove. You can now turn those plain candles you have lying around into centerpieces that inspire relaxation. Place double adhesive tape around the bottom half of your candle then roll the candle in coffee beans, filling in the holes where necessary.

Cork Candles

DIY candle holder made from wine corks

Now you can finally put all of those saved wine corks to good use and add a classy vintage flare to your home at the same time! Fill the bottom of a large glass vase with wine corks, place a clear glass candle in the vase or jar, then fill in the area around the candle with the remaining corks. Voila! [… meanwhile, these are some more clever ideas on how to use extra corks]

Rustic DIY candle holder – jar filled with wine cork

For a more rustic approach, you can use the same technique as the previous design, this time with the help of a mason jar. The full tutorial should be available here.

Stylish DIY candle with wine cork as a holder

This next arrangement can easily be placed in any room or accent any coffee table to add that extra touch you’ve been looking for; and for the cheap. It can be bought on Etsy for $15.

For the Wine Enthusiast

For an elegant centerpiece idea, use wine goblets (or any glass jar). Take rubber bands and place them around the glass at random.

DIY frosted jar candle holder

Using Frosted Glass Spray paint (you can purchase this at a hardware store or online), spray the glass with two coats of paint. Once the paint had dried, remove the rubber bands and place your candle inside. Thank you BlissImagesAndBeyond, for this chic tutorial — it’s nothing short of inspiring!

DIY wine bottle candle holder

You can add a little extra holiday cheer to any room with these few simple steps. Turn three wine glasses upside down. Add a filler or festive item of your choice to the inside of each glass (now the bottom), such as holly or ornaments for Christmas. Finally, place a small candle on the base of the wine glass which is now serving as the pedestal. There you have it, a festive array of holiday candles! Thank you Indulgy for this great DIY project.

Floating Candles

DIY floating candle holders

This next idea is popular for weddings but can also bring class and elegance into your home. First, select a clear glass vase in the size and shape of your choice (tall cylindrical or square vases work the best). Once you have picked your vase, fill the bottom with rocks or glass beads. Next, fill the vase with water, leaving a little bit of space at the top. Carefully submerge a flower of your choice into the water then top with a small, round floating candle. [above from AFoolForFlowers]

Floating candle holders

Sometimes less is more. Just fill that rather large glass bowl you have with some water, top with flower petals and a few floating candles, and you have a simple, yet sophisticated centerpiece. [freom eHow]

Floating candles in a vase / DIY project

Our final idea involves getting even more creative by adding Christmas ornaments or colored balls to the water!

Which one is your favorite?

Sarah Lyons

I write for decoist.

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