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25 Hours Hotel in Zurich Charms With Bright and Brilliant Interiors

A beautiful vacation is about truckloads of fun, plenty of amazing moments and brilliant array of memories that will last a lifetime and the 25 Hours Hotel in Zurich promises to provide the perfect template for such unmatched holidays.

modern hotel in switzerland

Switzerland is a pretty popular destination for not just tourists coming from across Europe, but pretty much every place on the planet and if you wish to kick off a luxurious holiday trip filled with vibrant colors and vivacious settings. Few hotels, if any, can beat the effervescent setting designed by Alfredo Häberli Design Development and Aeberli Vega Zanghi Architekten.

contemporary hotel in switzerland

colorful hotel decor

If the idea of the designers was to create a ‘home away from home’ then they pretty much succeeded in doing just that and have done so in an unabashed and colorful fashion that generously borrows from Retro design and Neon lighting. The interiors of this exciting hotel seem to be filled by a wide array of shades, patterns, designs and themes that offer an exciting, and at times fantastic, take on contemporary architecture and décor.

The bright lights and hues are pretty much everywhere and while the 126 uniquely different rooms here give you plenty of choice, the gorgeous bar, sleek and almost futuristic kitchen area, the mini work space in one of the corners of the room and the words of ‘almost home’ on your pillow ensure that you feel at home all the time.

In fact, we are certain many modern homes would struggle to match the visual magic and the organized beauty offered by the radiant rooms of 25 Hours Hotel. When you are at a place so full of life, obviously you could use that extra hour in the day!

hotel lobby

bar decor

bar design

spa room

relaxing area

minimalist kitchen design

decorating with plants

wall decor

office desk in the room

comfy room

bold red room design

colorful hotel room

modern desk design

beautiful room office with corner desk

yellow curtains

wall decals

cool office in hotel room

blue walls hotel room

purple themed hotel room

yellow and green themed room

cool bathroom design

polka dots bathroom

modern sauna room

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