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13 Awesome Duct Tape Crafts for Home to Design Exclusive Interiors!

There are many amazing ways in which one can craft their interior spaces. With the advent of the internet and the wide and varied amount of material on offer, there are endless possibilities that await a creative mind. If you are ingenious enough to work with various materials and have the ability to conjure up great designs, then any and every material can be used to transform your home into a vibrant and vivacious hub that is filled with class and color.

Duct tape may not be a material that comes to mind when you are trying to create your own additions to the existing décor. But there is a lot more that can be done when using duct tape than just quick fixes and this beautiful and amazing collection of duct tape crafts will show you that pretty much anything is possible. The bright and bubbly patterns that are now available allow you to create ornaments, enhance décor and add your own individual trademark to otherwise bland and generic interiors. Delve in to find out-

Duct Tape Crafts for an Exquisite Home

Duct Tape Wreaths in Green and Red help spread the holiday spirit

We start off with these beautiful and simply outstanding wreaths that have been crafted using duct tape. Simple to create and stunning in their appeal, the wreaths are perfect for this holiday season as they seem to even employ the ideal Christmas colors! You can obviously choose a color of your choice, but it cannot really get more ‘Christmassy’ than red and green, can it? [from: The Pixel Mom]

Simple side table turned into a visual treat using the perfect duct tape

Duct tape crafts are not just about decorations though, as you can use them to spice up your existing décor as well. This cool blue side table is a wonderful example of that as it has been turned from a mundane looking furnishing into a cheerful addition to the interiors. Depending on the theme of your home and the color template used, you can improvise and improve on the idea.

Stunning Duct Tape Rose Valentine’s Wreath in Scarlet

This is our absolute favorite on the list and one assumes for obvious reasons. There is little that matches the beauty of the scarlet rose and this vivid and bright Valentine’s wreath seems to capture that with perfection. It might take a bit of work, but the end result is worth it all and the best part is that if you make one now, it will stay relevant all the way until Valentine’s Day and would also make for a great gift. [from: This n’ That]

Colorful striped flooring created meticulously using duct tape

This almost surreal creation is obviously the most difficult on the list here to replicate. It takes plenty of work and patience to even try and attempt something like this, but the end result is a room that is both customs created and unique. The striped flooring is not just a bundle of delight, but if you have kids around, then is a whole lot of fun as well. [From: apartmenttherapy]

Beautiful decorative spheres crafted using duct tape perfect for this Christmas [From: Crafts ‘n Coffee]

What would be more ideal going into Christmas than beautiful decorative spheres that are perfect for your gorgeous Christmas tree? These duct tape spheres are ultra-easy to create and you will have a freedom now to pick the color and pattern for your Christmas tree ornaments.

Classy picture frame designed with duct tape

Duct tape creations are not always about a splurge of color as this stylish, sleek and modern picture frame suggests. You need spend hundreds of dollars on new and grand picture frames as creating something like this a lot more fun and has a wonderful personal appeal to it [from: That Damn Cat Designs]

Duct Tape Art Work for gorgeous interiors

If you are not happy with just the picture frame, then you can always add duct tape art work installations to your walls that go along with them perfectly well. The beauty of duct tape wall art is that you are free to work with any color and can create any abstract pattern of your choice. Frame it up and it makes for a stylish piece of modern art!

Duct tape decorations for your interiors [From: Crafts ‘n Coffee]

These elegant adornments were created with the specific color of Halloween in mind, but in case you are making them for this holiday season, you can always change the shades to the ever popular red, green and white. Once again easy to work with and simple in execution, almost anyone can give these decorations a shot.

Simple and practical duct tape topiary

How about specially designed duct tape topiary for your bedside table? These bring a very personalized look to any space that they adorn and you can express yourself and convey the exact message that you have in mind. [From: Poppies at Play]

Table cloth spiced up by clever use of duct tape

If you feel your table cloth is a bit too bland or would love to add a few stripes of joy to it, then duct tape is a wonderful and easy option to choose. You can always use a combination of white with another color that matches with the existing theme of the room to fashion a simple yet stylish appeal. [from: Green Wedding Shoes]

Ornaments for your Christmas tree created with duct tape

Another elegant way of crafting ornaments which are ideal for this Christmas. Enhance the festivities by making as many Christmas decorations as possible and employ only the shades and colors that you think are a perfect fit.

Duct Tape covered flooring for a vivacious look

While the striped flooring design using duct tape might be the star of the show, you can create an equally colorful room using a more practical pattern like the one above. The design is far less strenuous to work with and with an array of duct tape colors on offer, you have options galore.

Santa Wrap with Duct Tape to greet this Christmas with glee

Finally we present the duct tape Santa Wrap that should put a gentle smile on everyone’s face. Perfect way to wrap up the gifts for these holidays, you simply cannot go wrong with the idea. [from: Kandee Johnson]

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