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Sustainable Weekend Retreat Shines Through With Its Innovative Design

Striking a balance between the rustic and the modern, the classic design with contemporary luxuries and the adventure offered by a camping trip with the refuge of a secure living space, the creative living quarters designed by Setsumasa and Mami Kobayashi just outside Tokyo is all about sustainable ergonomics and smart originality.

When the couple decided on escaping the fast paced hustle of life in Tokyo, they wanted a weekend retreat that did not mimic the giant concrete structures that surrounded them in the big city. The result is a wonderful and idyllic getaway that not only brings them closer to nature, but offers a different perspective on design.

Trans­lucent fiberglass panel walls

Much of the retreat has been crafted from locally harvested larch wood and fiber-plastic that is used to ensure that the lush surroundings are always visually connected with the indoors. The sliding fiber-plastic doors allow them to enjoy the outdoors and the many sights and sounds of the woods without having to always brave the harsh weather. The most striking feature of the retreat though is the two giant yellow domes, with one on the main structure and the other on a wooden platform next to it.

The two domes allow one to experience a camping atmosphere and the year-round bedrooms inside are both spacious and sufficiently luxurious. The dome on top of the kitchen and dining quarters can be accessed using a wooden staircase or even a series of wall-mounted climbing holds in case you wish to give yourself a workout!

The interiors are complete with comforts like a refreshing hot water bath, a spacious kitchen with open shelves and even an access to internet at all times. A perfect amalgamation of the modern needs with the country setting, this is a retreat that is novel in both form and function. [BlessThisStuff via dwell]

Sherry Nothingam

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