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Creating Fascinating Interior Spaces with Wall Mirrors

Try not to think about your gym as the only residential space that can display a mirror wall – indulge in the luxury of creating visually larger, brighter spaces in your home by using this wonderful way of spreading natural light in darker corners while preserving much of the light’s original quality. Unlike electric lights or candle light, mirrors help direct sunlight throughout the space during the day, while at night it becomes an accomplice to any source of light present nearby.

Use mirrors to cover up visible storage spaces – besides hiding closet doors, the mirrors offer an unequaled source of light and an ally when it comes to choosing the details. Your kitchen can boast dazzling mirrored tiles or maybe the bathroom needs to look larger – choose the best spot in your home to display these fantastic reality checkers.

Mirror tile backsplash for a glam kitchen

In an exemplary space arrangement, the luxurious onyx bar looks amazing near sparkling mirrored tiles – look after quality materials to create not only an inviting interior design, but also a long-lasting relationship with your chosen design. Also the better you take care of your home the longer its beauty will last.

Mirrored tiles adorning a luxurious kitchen

by Forum Phi

Dining with guests and yourself

Mirror wall design can benefit many areas of the home – the dining room, living space, bedroom bar, hallway or bathroom can each become subject to an amazing modification. A stunning dining room can be the best place to try the mirror wall look, especially if the ceiling is that of a gable roof. Or maybe the small space near the staircase can be transformed into a dining space – then a mirror wall would visually double the space, creating a background for family dinners.

Spectacular dining room wall mirror

by Phillips Development

Sleek living room with mirrors wall

by Robeson Design

Playful mirrors for the social spaces

Create an inviting living room by opening up the visual depth of the walls can be done in a creative burst – use geometry and other materials to integrate the chosen design in the living space. Alternating wood and mirror slabs can create a softer mirroring effect, perfect to create an edgy style. On the other hand, oversized mirror tiles can act as a stylish background for your classy fireplace. A mirror wall behind the fireplace would add glamor to this part of the house, subtly spreading the warm glow of the fire light.

Alternating mirrors and other design elements

by Toronto Interior Design Group

Mirror wall behind the fireplace

by Wendi Young Design/Photography by Tim Street-Porter

Framed oversized mirrors are helpful in large living spaces, balancing the overall design. In the example below, the elegant living room showcases a fireplace flanked by two dark framed mirrors that add interest to the overall design, creating a visual connection to the other rooms and the neutral color palette helps create a serene atmosphere.

Twin framed mirrors in the living room

by dSPACE Studio Ltd

The bedroom’s chance to a love story

Mirroring in itself, the master bedroom can duplicate the romantic feeling of the space anytime it needs to. Each morning, a rested you will face yourself in the chosen mindset for that day – eager to get the day started early or maybe thinking about meeting friends for brunch. Depending on the position of the window and/or other architectural elements, you can place the mirror wall at the head of the bed or on its side – either way, the space will double and lit up like in a fairytale.

Mirror wall behind the bedroom headboard

by Sherwood Custom Homes

Bedroom wall to wall mirror

by Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

Bachelor bar flaunting a framed mirror

Next up, the bar – a bachelor-pad must-have – flaunting an amazing mirror installation. A large framed grid mirror placed against the wall offers a glam background – pairing it up with a couple of transparent bar stools and you have an edgy, contemporary look.

Grid mirror behind a contemporary bar

by Kristina Melo/ The Rosen Group Interiors

Visually spacious storage spaces and hallways

Storage spaces and hallways can become more spacious and attractive with the help of large mirrors. Hiding storage doors behind mirrors creates a carefully hidden space – imagine your hallway larger, brighter and more appealing. Whether you choose floor to ceiling mirrors or smaller versions, you will be glad you have chosen mirrors as design elements. A crowded hallway can be enlarged by the use of mirrors – customized wood frames covering the mirrors can define that specific style you were looking for.

Mirror storage in the hallway

by C O N T E N T Architecture/Photo by Peter Molick

Modern closet with mirrors for an enlarged space

by FORMA Design

Framed wall mirror for a spacious hallway

by MJ Lanphier

Twin hallway mirrors creating an enlarging effect

by Jessica Risko Smith Interior Design

Oversized mirrors for the bathroom

A mirror wall defined by frames that delimit the formal bathroom mirror will add an extra dimension to this private space, which sometimes can lack space. Wall to wall mirrors in the bathroom create a stunning effect, don’t you think?

Framed mirrors on a mirror background in the bathroom

by Lorraine G Vale

Wall to wall modern bathroom mirror design

by Murdock Solon Architects

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