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Modern Romanian Home Design Fuses Vintage With Contemporary Class

It is amazing how modern home design software allows us to create and display homes that are confined to our imagination. This beautiful, vivid and detailed rendering of a modern home in Ploiesti, Romania was conceptualized and created by designer Stoica Mario of Ezzo Design. What is most astounding is the large number of details that have been so intricately placed to ensure that we get images of a home (a real home, I mean) that is as close to reality as possible.

There are many unique and ingenious design elements here that catch your eye as you browse through the interiors of this virtual home and they seem to seamlessly amalgamate vintage and traditional elements with modern accents. Subtle creations like the use of copper pipes to create shelf space and the excessive presence of wood along with other metal surfaces ensure that for those who love ‘Steampunk’, you can go that way as well pretty easily!

While the living room seems to borrow lavishly from the past, the kitchen is set to serve you well with its many modern delights. Despite this apparent parity, they are visually merged with ease and the transition seems natural and completely acceptable. While the shelves are sleek and borrow from a ‘Shaker-style’ design, the heavy wooden kitchen countertop and the shelf that holds your intoxicating delights seem to balance that out in a subtle fashion.

The kids’ bedroom is most likely the highlight with its lovely and flawless incorporation of color, while keeping in theme with rest of the home. The vibrant and playful design and the smart use of space make it a wonderful template for anyone who is searching for inspiration for their own kids’ room.

The master bedroom looks far more relaxing and comfortable and there is greater use of neutral pastels to ensure there is a sense of serenity and relaxation all around. Clean lines, tasteful accessories, compact décor and innovative plan make this a home that we would love to see come alive and become a part of the real world.

One interesting note though is the bulky wooden cabinet in the living room that sports Great Britain’s flag with glee. For a virtual home in Romania conceptualized by someone from a Romanian design firm, we were hoping to find different colors there; Of course, one can always customize that! [from: Freshome]


Sherry Nothingam

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