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Timeless Design For Modern Scandinavian Attic Apartment

When you are living in a city dubbed as the Gateway to Northern Europe, it obviously pays to use every available inch of space to the hilt and that is precisely what this beautiful and deceptively stunning attic apartment does. Attica apartments are becoming the ‘in’ thing in the recent years and it is understandable considering the amount of pressure that big cities and expanding communities are facing when it comes to space.

Set in Gothenburg, this particular apartment uses the typical Nordic touch with a plain and simple white backdrop and wooden flooring along with dark décor to present an appealing contrast all around.

There is ample natural ventilation thanks to the large windows that surround the living space and the elegant use of glass. One particular round window above the compact study area seems to offer the space its very own unique character and with tones of light blue and smart decoration, can easily incorporate a beautiful nautical theme.

The most pleasing aspect of the attic home is the way in which it presents a very refined and clean look and appears cozy and tranquil, without ever trying too hard. There is an element of understated class here that is accentuated by the smart use of lighting, plush rugs, a compact balcony space that looks over the surroundings and a modern kitchen that should serve its owners efficiently. Uncomplicated and uncluttered, it seamlessly amalgamates grace with utility. (spotted on freshome)

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