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10 Iconic Barcelona Chairs Defining Different Interior Styles

Frequently used in movies, seen adorning hotels or high-powered business offices, the iconic Barcelona Chair has been migrating into the residential space for some time now. Beautifully completing modern dream homes, the stainless steel frame welded in a single piece construction for ultimate durability and its adorning cushions can help you create a bold texture palette in your home.

The internationally praised Barcelona Chair started its journey towards modern adulation in 1929, when architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was commissioned to design the German Pavilion as part of the World Arts Fair in Barcelona. His work on the space used for officially opening the German section of the exhibition resulted in the creation of an amazing piece of furniture used worldwide for quite some time. Extravagance was not only a feature of the building materials used in creating the Pavilion – marble, red onyx and travertine – but also one of the furniture components that was to become the iconic Barcelona Chair.

Royal design in modern homes

Meant as thrones for the visiting King and Queen of Spain, the Barcelona Chairs’ design can be considered worthy of royalty. But the beauty of our modern world shows us how the chair can adorn a wide range of interior styles. An accent in any type of room, the easy to recognize chairs can create a welcoming atmosphere. Some accent pillows in your favorite color and interesting carpets will deepen the visual appeal of the chair. (Image by Esny)

Glass, wood and stone alongside the iconic chair

An example of fascinating mid-century modern furniture style, the iconic chair is not only an important element of our design history, but also a sculptural furniture item perfect for any comfort-inducing space. The elegant shape adapts to classy spaces as well as eclectic rooms, contemporary penthouses or refined urban apartments. The example below shows a Barcelona Chair duo matched with modern building materials like glass, wood and stone. Adapting its elegance to suit the modern trend of minimalist design while maintaining a historic aura, this empowering design would look magnificent in many contemporary residences. (Image by Homedsgn)

Monochromatic experiences

Add an ottoman in the mix and you have a cozy relaxation zone or the perfect reading nook. Monochromatic interiors in white with black accents seem to be screaming for a Barcelona Chair – modern architecture must be matched with a worthy example of modern design. I can see a soft blanket thrown on the chair, awaiting my approach – it would be like slipping into a world of artistic expression.

Photo wall and two Barcelona Chairs

Your wall of frames would be beautifully complimented by a couple of Barcelona Chairs face to face. And what’s better than offering an inviting living space to your guests? A space where your family’s personal preferences are proudly displayed in an effort of connecting deeper with friends, a space where an iconic chair would lend its history to merge with your personal wall – what would a space like this look like for you? This room would become a very socially interactive zone – family photos and artistic representations alongside a tuffed leather design icon would easily spark up interesting conversations. (Image by Billbarr)

Classy spaces in search for perfect furniture

Luxurious spaces need to be accentuated by the right furniture pieces. Classy interiors with beautiful ornaments and quality details challenge a high-end race between iconic chairs – this competition can easily be won by the armless  Barcelona Chair.  The licensed manufacturer of the Barcelona Chair – Knoll – can provide a range of colors to match your interiors perfectly and proudly display a quality chair under the renowned architect’s signature. With a certificate of authenticity and a Mies signature stamped on the frame’s underside, the sculptural and functional Barcelona Chair will be your personal design history time machine. (Image by firstclassdesign)

Business spaces with mid-century modern appeal

“Less is more” – the phrase Mies van der Rohe used to describe his minimalist style – guided this inspiring seating design, explaining the foretelling powers of a genius architectural mind. Clearly seen in the elegant perfection of his chrome and leather chair, the architect’s aesthetic tactic must be respectfully matched with the right environment. Its mid-century modern appeal goes perfectly with wood, especially if you choose an upholstery to match the wooden walls. The Barcelona Chairs below, seen in the Toronto-Dominion Centre boardrooms match the wooden walls so beautifully that I can’t help but think about classy suited businessmen.

Panoramic Barcelona Chair experience

The re-design of the Barcelona Chair in 1950 brought Mies van der Rohe face to face with the newly-available stainless steel, allowing him to construct a better version of the product, with a fluid stainless steel frame supporting the luxuriously upholstered cushions. Caressed by sunlight and creating a spot of contemplation, a Barcelona Chair can easily become the place to withdraw from the surrounding world and daydream. Placing the chair to face the view from your window will create that  deep connection with the surroundings we all look for. (Image by chinayadea)

Luxurious set up for striking visual effect

For a luxury set-up, use glamorous materials and textures and complete the scene with white Barcelona Chairs – you don’t even have to think about it, it just works – if the interior design is of quality and respects some boundaries. Don’t hesitate when it comes to creating a modern feeling of luxury – wood, chrome and straight design lines can be successfully adjoined to shape an elegant expression of your lifestyle.

Pop-up color in a neutral space

Imagine a red Barcelona Chair in the middle of your neutral living room – it pops out with its shape, color and tuffed upholstery, claiming the attention of everyone who walks in. This way, your residential social space will become an expression of your passion for good design.  The Barcelona Chair is a statement piece everywhere it is placed, so make no mistake, people will react to it – admiration and curiosity will be their main emotions.

Merging vintage and modern

Antiques and worn furniture are especially beautiful when paired with the Barcelona’s chair stainless steel and chrome frames hand-buffed to a mirror finish. Reading corners and relaxation spaces equipped with an elegant and comfortable chair like this challenge you to recognize the comforting effects of the seat and back cushions adapted to fit the frame’s curve. Contrasting colors – dark furniture, white Barcelona Chair – and bright daylight can be paired to compose a welcoming private space. (Image by Coupdaile)

No wonder this chair design has been around for 83 years and replicated over and over again – its fascinating shape is here to stay. Where do you see yourself resting on one of these beauties?

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