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Chic Restaurant Chairs to Enliven Your Dining Experience

Have you ever been dining at your favorite restaurant and gotten the urge to ask the manager, “Can you please tell me where you purchased these fabulous chairs?!” Perhaps seeing them duplicated throughout the space got you thinking… So roll with it! Why not take it to the next level and bring those stylish restaurant chairs to your own dining space?! After all, if they’re good enough for your favorite restaurant, surely they can make a statement in your home!

Today we take a look at some of the most popular restaurant chair models, from sleek wooden pieces to industrial metal selections. As it turns out, many of these styles have gotten so popular, mainstream retailers have begun manufacturing them for residential spaces. You don’t have to be a restaurant manager with a special connection to a wholesale supplier to bring these pieces home. Enjoy browsing the images below…

Wooden Restaurant Chairs

We begin with solid, sturdy restaurant chairs that are anything but short on style! The wood and metal Felix Chairs from Crate & Barrel combine classic bentwood design with chrome-plated legs. Note the variety of heights, colors and models available:

Wooden bentwood chairs

For a unique twist, try tracking down the above chairs in the brightest of colors! Ideal for modern spaces, the vibrant seating below adds an artistic vibe to contemporary kitchens and dining rooms. [from Nest]

Colorful restaurant-style dining chairs

One of the most popular restaurant chairs on the market is the bistro chair, which evokes the romance of Parisian cafes. The Vienna Black Side Chairs in the next image capture this timeless look with bentwood design and a glossy black finish. [from Crate & Barrel]

Bistro-style side chairs

Say it with red! That’s right–the red chairs below are true standouts, thanks to a bold color and an intriguing back featuring a dramatic cutout. For added style, mirror the hue of the chairs in another room feature, such as artwork. [from Camilla Molders Design]

Red restaurant chairs

Or…create restaurant-style seating by mixing and matching a variety of antique finds, then unifying them by a glossy finish in one bold shade. The assortment of chairs below is featured at the Seattle restaurant Cure[from Seattle Met]

Glossy red restaurant chairs

Metal Restaurant Chairs

Metal chairs can evoke a range of styles, from vintage to industrial. Rounded edges and an anodized aluminum finish make the Delta Side Chair stand out. Light and airy, these chairs work well in a variety of settings, including the white and gray kitchen below. [from Crate & Barrel]

Aluminum restaurant-style chairs

Go industrial with these matte metal chairs that look fresh from the factory. Pair them with a wooden table for an interesting contrast. Here we see these fabulous finds in a dining area from the restaurant Cumpanio in San Miguel de Allende:

Industrial modern chairs

Metal chairs can be softened with cushions, as shown below in a tropical-hued space designed by Jonathan Adler. In fact, the metal grid design of these chairs has grown in popularity in recent years. It’s not uncommon to see this seating paired with fuzzy cushions, sometimes in faux fur.

Metal restaurant chairs in a space designed by Jonathan Adler

In the next space, we see a barstool version of the seating above. Note the shiny metal finish:

Stylish metal barstools

We couldn’t wrap up our metal seating overview without taking a look at the Real Good Chair from Blu Dot! The powder-coated steel pieces below are held into place with magnets and non-stick rubber. It’s hard to miss the unique, origami-style design. You can purchase these modern chairs from AllModern[from Yummy Scrumptious]

Modern metal chairs

Plastic Restaurant Chairs

Plastic chairs are lightweight, durable and often playful or bold in design. For example, the Serpentine Dining Chair has a futuristic organic look, thanks to a series of cutout holes in the back. [from SeatingExpert.com]

White modern restaurant chairs

The cutouts are diamonds in the Baxton Studio Jupiter White and Orange Plastic Modern Dining Chairs, shown below. Note the use of orange and white color blocking for a vibrant effect. [from Wholesale Interiors]

Modern white and orange plastic dining chairs

For an “industrial meets Mid-Century” look, check out the Baxton Studio White Plastic Side Chairs, paired with a wooden table in the next image. Intricate legs lend a futuristic feel to each piece, which serves as a wonderful contrast to the room’s rustic table. [from Wholesale Interiors]

White plastic restaurant-style chairs

The sleek chairs below keep it simple with (what appears to be) plastic construction and chrome-plated legs. Again, note the pairing of  dark and light–an interesting contrast is created by deep-toned round tables and crisp white seating. [from Houzz user Stephanie Norris]

Sleek and modern white restaurant chairs

Acrylic Restaurant Chairs

Acrylic chairs are clearly fabulous. Sometimes transparent, sometimes opaque, these lightweight finds are shiny, easy to maneuver, and sometimes even stackable! The Baxton Ghost Chairs below add gloss and drama to a modern space, especially a room with white walls. [from Wholesale Interiors]

Black acrylic ghost chairs

Clear acrylic pieces can be used to create the illusion of space. After all, if you can see through them, they can certainly make a room appear larger! The Baxton Studio Lino Transparent Clear Acrylic Dining Chair, shown below, has a chic form that’s perfectly complemented by chrome legs. [from Wholesale Interiors]

Clear acrylic dining chairs

Add a dash of color with vivid cushions in primary colors, as shown with the Angel SC Chairs in the next image. [from Comfyco]

Bold acrylic dining chairs

Upholstered Restaurant Chairs

Sometimes you have to go for comfort! Upholstered chairs soft, decadent and inviting, especially when purchased in an elegant shade, such as white.  [from Planning Work]

White plush restaurant chairs

The upholstered chairs below are comfy and intriguing, thanks to a rectangular cutout in the back of each piece. [from Studio Santalla]

White upholstered restaurant chairs

One beloved upholstered chair style is the diner chair. Shiny, retro, and often manufactured in vivid colors, diner chairs add vintage charm to a space. In the dining area below, a restaurant vibe is created with chairs, bar stools and booth seating–triple the fun! [from Smith & Vansant]

Diner chairs in royal blue

Don’t forget to consider the style of your space and the look of your kitchen or dining room table before purchasing restaurant chairs for your home. Do metal chairs have to surround a metal table? Absolutely not! In fact, eclectic arrangements have grown increasingly popular in recent years. However, taking cues from your interior can help you select the best chairs for the room at hand. In other words, make sure you’re really in love with those chairs from your favorite pizza place before you bring them home!


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