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Hot Home Trend: Sunburst Mirrors

Fun, easy and versatile enough to complement nearly any home décor style imaginable, sunburst mirrors are making quite the comeback. From traditional to contemporary, vintage to modern and nearly everything in between, if your home has a style it’s likely there is a sunburst mirror to fit your personal taste. Not to mention, because this trend is so hot, it’s easy to find a piece at any price point.

Additionally, because they are available in a wide range or shapes and designs, you don’t have to worry about having the same exact piece as everyone else on your block.

A black themed living room with a sunburst mirror with an artistic touch

by Atmosphere Interior Design / D&M Images

Modern living room furniture with a sunburst mirror for style

by The Couture Rooms

If you’re interested in adding a little sunshine to your space, here are a few tips for how to use the sunburst mirror

Dramatic Accents – Everyone loves an accent piece. It gives you something to study and muse over, and it directs your eye to the most important part of the room. Because they reflect light as well, sunburst mirrors can be a very dramatic accent piece.

Also, because they don’t have much color, they add a great deal of character without overwhelming other décor. Hang one above your mantle, above your headboard or over your kitchen table to give any blank wall a pick-me-up.

Groupings – Sometimes things are better as groups – and sunburst mirrors are no exception. For smaller or medium sized pieces, group three different mirrors together in one space. For an added touch, choose a sunburst clock as the central focus. This can give your room a fun mid-century vintage look.

Door Adornments – Dress up interior or exterior doors in your home with a sunburst mirror. Hang them on the inside of your bedroom door for one last glance before you head out, or on the outside of your front door as an elegant greeting for guests.

Whatever you choose, we’re sure a sunburst mirror can add a touch of personality to any home.

Two stylish sunburst mirrors above a fancy couch in the living room

by Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Sunburst mirror in a very modern living room

by Greg Natale

Silver sunburst mirror

by Lea Frank Design

Mid-century modern living decor gets the cake with sunburst mirror

by Pat Manning-Hanson, ASID

An ultra modern dining room with a fancy stylish sunburst mirror

by Eminent Interior Design

Glamorous dining room with large silver sunburst mirror

by P. Scinta Designs, LLC

Cozy living room with a silver sunburst mirror on the side

by Shirley Parks Design

Even your patio can add style with a sunburst mirror

by huntley & co

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