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Interior Design Dictionary: Understanding the Couch Styles Under Your Potato

Leather, suede, corduroy, these are just three of the fabrics that host the daily potato bar cooking. We plump up the accent with throw pillows, toe off our shoes, push up our sleeves, pull our great grandmothers afghan over our should and perch the rear of our anatomy. This couch is our sick bed come colds and flu, our ice bath after a hearty cardio workout and the lion in our family den as it eats us up in comfort and spits us out with minor muscle atrophy.

But did you know the couch comes in an array of styles that can turn our potato into more than just a bump on the log. Depending on the era of our sofa and the style it exudes, we can bake our potato to more refined tastes. Let’s continue our divulging on this topic and dissect eleven diverse styles that will help you decide what will bring the wow factor home —

1.The Sofa Style

Modular modern sofa in purple

This typical, dog friendly couch is made in its entirety with arms, back and skirt covered legs. This is the epitome of a coach potato existence even if its upholstered in a floral pattern. (Attico Modular Sofa from Usona)

2. The English/Club Sofa

Extremely cozy English style sofa

The low visible legs of this sofa set it apart from the regular sofa style as well as the more rounded arms and backing. A sofa like this is a great accessory when the heart of your home is its solid wood flooring. (by Lauren Liess Interiors)

3. The Tuxedo Sofa

Yellow tuxedo sofa is the centerpieces in this white modern living room design

This rectangular symmetrical approach to seating features high arms that are nearly equal to the back. This sofa can turn your room into a sophisticated area with it shape. Add a few pillows to soften the edges and enjoy! (This is Ryan’s home — Love it!)

4. The Camelback Sofa

French-style camelback loveseat by Pierre Deux

Named after its predecessor the dromedary camel, this sofa is most recognized by its humped backing. It’s a traditional choice with formal consequences and unless it’s been rendered as potato salad is rarely used as your chicken soup home hospital rest area. (by Crisp Architects / Photography by Rob Karosis)

5. The Knole Sofa

Stylish pink knole sofa adds color to a traditional living room

This mid century sofa whose roots originate in England is classic at its best. This straight piece of furniture will encourage perfect posture as well as embellishments on the edges via chords or upholstery tacks. Bring back the prime British era with this piece and watch your room convert before you eyes. (Courtesy of ElizabethStanHope)

6. The Cabriole Sofa

Comfortable cabriole modern sofa
Comfortable cabriole modern sofa with a Neoclassical style

Embrace your curves with this Louis XV inspired couch from the 18th century. It’s rounded and fluid wood frame upholster in sleek tones and fabric create a very beautiful and organic piece of furniture that set before a fire place will be a great punctuation mark to the end of a long day. (thanks to HGTV)

7. The Lawson Sofa

Modern white Lawson sofa

Similar to the Tuxedo, the Lawson is all about straight lines. This sofa however brings a bit more home-style joie de vivre with its square and unassuming approach to seating. This is a great choice for contrasting colors on one element of furniture as well as seating more than one person! (Beautiful white sofa in a red environment – by InsideNashvilleHomes)

8. The Chesterfield Sofa

Leather Chesterfield sofa design

I can picture this sofa in every home that houses a library. It screams men’s club, Old English library with its high rolling back and arms and tufted upholstery in thick leather. But these tufts and this leather don’t always accompany this style of sofa for its best character reference is in its scrolled shape. This makes it possible to make this sofa a modern choice when done in color and fabric of your discretion. (by Leib Designs)

9. The Midcentury Modern

Vladimir Kagan Fifth Avenue sofa

This low-rider can settle the hub of your room and be the calming force that ties it all together thanks to its streamline form and shape as well as it’s solid and sturdy legs. This great addition to your room will encourage your movie night watchers to sit on it, but lean comfortably against it as well making this three seater expand to accept anyone. (by by David Howell Design / Copyright @ Bjorg Magnea)

10. The Sectional

White modern sectional sofa in stylish living room

This sofa can come in L shaped, U shaped, even circle shaped as it is composed of sections of sofa that fit together as a puzzle that complete a full sofa. Great for large families and big rooms as well as those of us who need change every once in a while. Disconnect a section and set it apart as a one seating sofa or ottoman and enjoy the many benefits of this sleeper, chaise enable sofa. (by Eleven Interiors)

Now the stakes of hot potato just rose as you contemplate resting yours on one of these eleven styles. Take in consideration all the other elements of the room and the tone you want to emulate and let the games begin!

Momina Khan
From a very early age Momina Khan discovered her passion and talent for rearranging furniture and indulging herself with interior design. Over the years this passion has only intensified as well as her education and calling in creative writing. As a writer Momina finds Decoist a perfect environment to creating art with words on the art of DIY d[...]

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