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The Coffee Table: Convenient Furniture You Can’t Live Without

When it comes to choosing décor for your home, it’s often the simplest choices that end up being the most difficult. A coffee table may seem to be nothing more than a standard piece of furniture – an after-thought once the sofas, chairs and other pieces have been selected. However, after taking into account the many other factors you’ll need to consider, it may become a much bigger job than you’ve anticipated.

To choose the right coffee table, as with any other living room furniture piece you’ll need to determine the table’s primary role. In most cases, a coffee table is just that – a place to rest your tea cup as well as trays of biscuits, magazines or even your iPad. In other cases, a coffee table can become an oversized ottoman for tired feet, remote controls and video game paraphernalia. If it’s the latter, you may want to opt for an upholstered, quilt-top style table.

Arranging Living Room Furniture

Consider your ideal coffee table’s size. If the table is to sit in front of the sofa, it should be no longer than two-thirds the length of the sofa. Generally, coffee tables are between 15 to 20 inches tall, so make sure the height of the table matches the height of your sofa as well.

Sculpted logs as coffee table in bright living room design


Cozy living room with rustic coffee table

by Dresser Homes

In terms of visual space, if you’re placing the table in a small room then you may want to consider a glass coffee table. Because it’s transparent, it won’t feel as bulky as a solid wood table. If the room is large, then you may prefer a more dominant piece.

Lastly, remember that, whether intentional or not, your coffee table will also act as a display space. Anything seated upon this table will become part of the décor of the room – so, be sure to keep it clean and tidy. If you and your family have a tendency to pile on the clutter, you may want to invest in a coffee table with storage.

Coffee tables with irregular shapes for a highly modern living room


Minimalist white living room with wooden coffee table

by West Chin Architect / Photos by Joshua McHugh

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