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Coffee Table Decor For the De-Caffeinated Home Owner

Coffee stains. Coffee breath. Coffee scented candles. Coffee withdrawal. Broken coffee carafe. Gritty coffee beans. Cold coffee. Iced coffee. These are the signs and symptoms of a coffee addict. Whether this pick me up needs to be ingested early morning or during the noon day blues, once a coffee addict is denied their immediate access to a routine coffee break the brain cells shut down to recant this line of thought. Few procedures have been proven successful in distracting an addict from achieving their caffeine high once the vicious cycle has taken root in their blood stream.

by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

And what’s a coffee addict without his or her coffee table? This is their right hand man. It’s not the barista, contrary to popular belief. No, their sidekick is the coffee table and if that’s not available to them during their caffeine fixation, good luck trying to fine anything remotely appealing to distract them from their drink.

Winter inspiration: home design by HUISSTYLING

So maybe you and I are not slaves to this beverage in such great ferocity. In fact between you and me, I’m not a fan of this drink at all. I’ll take a good coffee scented candle, yes, but the drink and I are archenemies. And yet, yet I find myself perusing pages after pages-both online and tangible- of innovative coffee tables. A little DIY sweat or the swipe of a credit card and your living space can have a newly furnished coffee table that not only sparks conversation but hosts it as well.

Believe it or not, there are many more purposes for the coffee table other than being the supportive structure beneath several porcelain mugs. Yes, this is most welcome news indeed for those of us who lead a de-caffeinated existence.

Moroccan rug, wood stump table, modern sofa / by Dufner Heighes

Let’s give your coffee table some more purpose than being a glorified beverage vending machine. Today I will give you another option, which I like to refer to as the The Oh La La Lively Table. With this setting you can transform your room into a well-rounded area. These basic guidelines can be translated into any style or genre to fit you personality.

Color, elegance, and feminine touches combined make this coffee table a very precious center stage player.

The Decaf Table

Modern living room / by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

To begin with choose a table that defines elegance. A metal frame glass top rectangular shape is a perfect safe choice that we introduce to adventure with other elements.

The Centerpiece(s)

Next we bring the tray. This piece should not only be decorative, but purposeful as well. The tray is great because although it looks great when you bring out a deck of cards or several bowls of sweet and salty delights, the décor can quickly and efficiently be moved; all while looking good.

Modern coffee table — bold-color tray topped with a sleek vase / by Mark Newman Design

A great way to incorporate some feminine touches without being obnoxiously overpowering is to purchase a tray with a fauna or flora material lining. Or if you are nimble with thread and fabric add one to a pre-existing already owned tray.

Inside this tray you need to include another decorative accent. A bronze elephant figure, an oversized paperweight wishbone, or perhaps just an artificial topiary ball. Beside this include a Pelike shaped vase in a fresh color. Add some fresh cut flowers once a week and bring those staid tray lining flowers to life!

The Electricity Free Lighting

Suburban meets urban / by Karen Soojian

Next on this spotless, DNA free glass topped table are some candlesticks in candle holders to match the metal frame. Have two the same height or three with different heights to throw in to keep it form being too formal. Have a matchbox in your tray or beside your faux candelabra to make it functional.

The Plot of it All

Interior Design by id 810 design group / Image by Alexander Johnson Photography

Having first time company over? Here’s a great way you can decorate and cheat with a coffee table conversation booster. A stack of three to five books on their backs on a table is always a win. Unlike Seinfeld’s Cosmo Kramer coffee table book on coffee tables, that can turn into a coffee table stack a book of each country, state or continent you’ve visited.

Beautiful living room decor (blue inspiration) / by Dresser Homes

On top of these books include a small glass display box that can lock shut, as it will feature sand from an exotic beach, a butterfly from the jungle, or stray rock shards from a canyon. This makes a real souvenir that will bring timeless joy and capture memories in a physical manner.

These simple additions when coalesced will make a profound statement. And of course to top it off with an exclamation and not as an afterthought, you should include a stack of coasters. Just in case you find the urge for a hot beverage.

Here’s more coffee table inspiration

Contemporary living room with fluffy rug / by HUISSTYLING
Bachelor pad living room with fancy coffee table / by Frisson
Asian living room with beautiful coffee table carved in wood / by Webber + Studio
Acrylic (lucite) waterfall coffee table / Decor by Tobi Fairley
Fancy living room with suspended glossy coffee table / by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech
Ultra modern coffee table setup / Image by Yaniv Schwartz
Low legs, wooden coffee table / by M-Architecture
Acrylic and driftwood stools, doubling as modern coffee table / by Grace Home Design

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