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Decorating with a Modern Safari Theme

All too often, people equate the term “safari theme” with obnoxiously loud neon animal prints and décor arrangements that exude about as much style and grace as a college dorm room. Others begin to channel Indiana Jones or a creepy huntsman’s cabin full of mounted animal heads. However, the modern safari theme reaches beyond these concepts into something much more chic and practical.

Safari inspired living room with elegant tones

by Tara Seawright

If you’ve been shying away from safari themed décor because you don’t believe it complements your own tastes, then maybe it’s time to come and take a walk on the wild side.

1) Firstly, in order to implement a safari theme while retaining the best of modern décor, use animal prints sparingly. Too much can make your living space look gaudy, but just the right amount will add a natural flare that sends neutral on a whole new spin. For example, instead of decking out your home in various faux furs, stick to one faux fur rug and one animal print lamp, or a few various animal print throw pillows. The less, the merrier.

Beautiful safari inspired lounge area

by Liquid Design Studios

2) Secondly, keep in mind that animal prints aren’t the only patterns in a safari theme. African tribal patterns can also add a great deal of character to your space. Again, though, be sure to use sparingly. Over doing any pattern can make your room look cluttered and confusing.

Stunning living room with a safari setup

by d’apostrophe design

3) Thirdly, break up the prints and patterns with large blocks of earth tones. Browns, whites, blacks and grays help to give the room a more toned down vibe. Also consider adding in some natural canvas or reclaimed wood for a true safari-esque feel.

Safari inspired media room in the basement

by Susan Hoffman Interior Designs

Remember one last thing. Although bright neon colors are a big no-no in the safari theme, it doesn’t mean you can’t delve into other more tamer hues. For example, a splash of red or blue can add vibrancy to this otherwise simple palette.

Safari inspired bedroom with a cool painted wallpaper

by Ruchidesigns

Decorating with a safari theme for your living room

by Diane Bennett Bedford

Cool kids bedroom with a safari theme

 by CHIC Redesign

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