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Creative Home Library Designs For a Unique Atmosphere

Do you feel a tinge of envy every time you watch the Victorian library scene in “My Fair Lady” or the extravagant ballroom of books showcased in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”? All of those colorful volumes stacked upon shelves – thousands of stories arranged floor to ceiling. Whether you’re an avid reader who eagerly gobbles up novels by the truckload, or simply a collector of vintage bound hardbacks, having an in-home library is likely at the top of your interior design priority list. Luckily, it’s a fairly labor non-intensive task.

home library with black furniture
Ultra modern black furniture for a chic home library

Here are some helpful pointers and reminders for a stunning home library

  • A library can be any size. Some homeowners have entire rooms to dedicate to their bibliophilic tendencies, but just because you live in a tiny in-town flat doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your own personal library. Simply choose a corner in which you can install full length bookshelves, a comfortable chair and a reliable reading lamp. After all, when you’re immersed in a good book, you hardly notice the space around you anyway.
Huge home library design
Huge home library design with unique atmosphere

by Ron Yeo / Photo – Tim Street-Porter

  • Build it for comfort. A library should be cozy and familiar – it should provide you the sort of uninterrupted focus needed to engross yourself in your favorite mystery series, pore over volumes on mechanical engineering, or indulge in any other literary genre of your choice. Large and soft area rugs, plush chairs, a sturdy table or desk and ample soft lighting can assist you on your literary adventures.
ultra modern home library design
Custom home library furniture with curves and modern touches

by Benvenuti and Stein

  • Fill your shelves. If you don’t have enough books to fill your bookshelves (yet), then supplement with other decorative items. Everything from antique globes and miniature statues to family photos and funky, colorful bookends can assist you in creating a more personal space. By dividing up the books with other pieces, you can create a more visually interesting design.
suspended home library
Suspended home library design for a more creative approach
elegant home library decor
Highly elegant home library design

by Michael Fullen Design Group

Lastly, don’t be afraid to share your library with another room. Guest rooms, offices, parlor areas and even dining areas can also double as wonderful makeshift libraries.

stylish home library design
Stylish home library decor with modern lines

Andrew Skurman Architect / Bruce Damonte Photography

modern home library design
Modern library design for your home with spiraling staircase

by Siemasko + Verbridge / Photo Credit: Eric Roth

traditional home library with cozy reading nook
Traditional home library with cozy reading nook

by HP Rovinelli Architects / Photo by Anthony Tieuli

home library
Traditional home library design with fancy ladder
creative home library furniture
Unusual home library furniture
home library design with two sides shelves
Home library design with two sides shelves
full wall home library shelves
Full wall home library shelves
home library with fireplace
Wall home library design with a cozy fireplace
home library with wall encapsulated shelves
Home library with wall encapsulated shelves

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