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Casa La Atalaya: Contemporary California Beach House Sizzles in Stone

When you think of a beautiful beach house, the image of a setting like Casa La Atalaya is probably not the first thing that springs to mind. That is not so much a comment on the house itself, but the images on display here which just to present a sky very different from the ‘clear and sunny’ images that we are often used to.

But do not be distracted by the sober skies as this stunning modern structure nestled on the Pacific Coast of California can is simply spectacular in ways more than one. The most distinct aspect of the home is the grand use of stone on the outside that gives it its very unique and inimitable look.



Designed by Alberto Kalach, the interiors match the extravagant exterior inch for inch as they are covered in wood which matches the shade of the stone used outside. Apart from this lovely and flowing combination there is the wide use of glass, which pretty much seems like a norm in most modern houses. It is of particular importance as the huge floor-to-ceiling glass windows offer unobstructed views of the vast Pacific.

The wine cellar is intoxicatingly grand, the gaming room conveniently placed to have loads of fun and the living room warmth and comfort galore. Offering both fun and privacy at the same time, the opulence is never lost throughout. The décor inside is kept simple and uncomplicated and with a refreshing pool, plenty of outdoor space and wooden patios that promise some amazing evenings, this is well and truly a beach house that delivers everything it promises. (from thecoolist / photography by yoshihiro koitani)
















Casa La Atalaya by Alberto Kalach - concrete beauty

Sherry Nothingam
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