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Artistic Office for ALBUS Design Studio in Southern Brazil

We have always wondered what constitutes art as it seems you get a different definition every time you ask. But what is certain is that most of us are allured by something that is distinctly unusual and projects an image that is out-of-the-box. Such creative ventures might not always yield fabulous results, but the ALBUS Design Studio in Porto Alegre, in southern Brazil, is one of those times when the ingenious innovations seem to have produced astonishing results.

Office studio for ALBUS Design

Crafted to serve more than just a single purpose, this eccentric studio is the work place of architect and advertiser Henrique Steyer and designer Felipe Rijo.

The ALBUS Design Studio is a place where the duo manages three different facets of their business — architecture, design and advertising. The studio has been designed to meet all the three activities while reflecting their own unique taste when it comes to merging the classic with the contemporary and the sacred with the bold and what many might even consider profane. The interiors are clad with images, sculptures and art work that merge Brazilian baroque saints with erotic literature and images obtained from an African backdrop. Now, if that is not a brave design move, then we do not know what is!


Looking beyond the rebellious attitude and the brazen flaunting of convention norms, the interiors are beautiful, ergonomic and at times it feels like one is inside a display unit from a local museum. The entire space has been effortlessly and precisely divided into reception area, work station, Steyer’s office and a conference room. The use of alternate materials, the beautiful and contrasting textures inside and inimitable iconography make this a lovely little studio.

If the designers wanted to convey ‘attitude with a twist’, they have succeeded emphatically.

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