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Tips for Choosing a New Bed Frame

The average person spends over 30 percent of their life asleep. Obviously having a comfortable bed is key to a restful sleep – which is, subsequently, key to a productive and healthy waking life. Contrary to popular belief, however, comfort is about more than just a good mattress – although this is certainly important. A comfortable bed is also determined by the support of the mattress, which generally comes from a bed frame.

Additionally, your bed frame is also extremely important to the overall design of your room. Without an attractive bed frame, a bedroom is apt to look unfinished.

Modern bedroom with beautiful wallpaper and a stunning floating bed

by Imagine Living

Choosing a bed frame, though, is not without its difficulties. Like any other choice you must make in the design and décor of your living space, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices. In order to select the right bed frame, consider the following questions

What is the overall theme of your room? Even the most eclectic of bedrooms follow some sort of theme. In order to tie in your design, you’ll want to choose a bed frame that complements the rest of your space. For example, if you’re going for a rustic chic look, consider a reclaimed or distressed wood frame. For a industrial home, an iron frame might look best. For modern contemporary, look into wrought iron varieties.

What height do you prefer? Some people like to sleep as high off the ground as possible, while others feel panicked more than two feet from the ground. Choose a bed frame that fits your comfort level. A bed that is too high or too short for your tastes could make for restless nights.

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