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Fall’s One Size Fits All Sweater: Textures for Your Home and Bed

Get your home dressed for the new weather patterns! Design on a dime with this unique approach to autumn and winter festivity!

The perfect weather is that when a sweater keeps you at optimal body temperature. You can snuggle without sweating. You can showcase your burly side. You can roll up and down the slightly bally sleeves. The returns are innumerable for this autumn season lover and as I restock my hangers and shelves with the warmth of hand made and store bought sweaters I can’t help but feel like my closet and thus my body shouldn’t be the only ones to take advantage of the intricate patterns of wool and yarn.

Cable stitch blanket on the bed

Master bedroom decor by Design-OD

You, my future guest, should have this pleasure as well. Here’s how you can add this charming facet to your interior with three impacting ways! This will make movie night, cuddle sessions and story time so much more approachable!

1. Foot Sweater Ottoman

Colorful cable knit poufs

It’s like getting a hug for your feet. This kick stool will surely encourage a little “me-time” as you allow your modern ottoman to take on the persona of a round-legged sweater. This, like nothing else, will scream home sweet home in the most welcoming voice and can be chosen in a vast array of colors, textures and styles.

Cable floor cushion pouf hassock
Sweater ottoman

DIY by following reupholstering methods and opting for an old afghan or sweater as your new upholstery covering! Add a matching pillow for your neck and let the cares roll off until next week.

* they are all available on Etsy if you can’t make them yourself

2. Body Blanket Sweater

Knitted body blanket for chilly nights

Cooler nights have silently crept upon us. I know this for I am experiencing one right one. My only wish was that I had opted for the sweater duvet in creamy vanilla instead of my crisp white cotton one. This feature will blend well into your living and sleeping areas and has enough character that it can blend into your mid century, modern, rustic, country or eclectic appearance. Waking up on Mondays encased under this beauty may make it that much harder to crawl out from beneath it, but it will equally make smiling at 6am that much easier. Getting hugged awake by your blanket!

The beautiful hand knitted bedspread and the cushion can be found from Le Souk

3. Cozy Cover Just-for-Looks Sweater

Sweater Candle Holders

This is a quick, simple, green and fun way to dress up your life with the power of the sweater. Cut off the cuff of your old sweater (sigh) and wrap around a candle holder, finish off with jute bow and stick in a leaf or twig and the essential joys of leaf piles and knee high boots is brought center stage to your mantle or dining table. This way and the ones above will guarantee a plentiful harvest of joy and love this autumn when you give your 80’s and 90’s sweaters a second chance at daylight making the perfect backdrop for your Christmas cards!

Can you say, ‘Cheese?’

Momina Khan

From a very early age Momina Khan discovered her passion and talent for rearranging furniture and indulging herself with interior design. Over the years this passion has only intensified as well as her education and calling in creative writing. As a writer Momina finds Decoist a perfect environment to creating art with words on the art of DIY d[...]

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