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How to Stage Your Home to Sell Fast

Thanks to the economic slump of the first decade of the twenty-first century, the real estate market has taken quite a hit. Although economists say numbers are slowly beginning to improve, it’s still quite difficult to sell a home. Even if you have one of the hottest properties in the hippest area in town, you may still need a few tips to ensure a brief stint on the market.

Here are a few staging tricks —

Remove the Clutter – Regardless of how long you’ve owned your home, it’s likely that you’ve accumulated at least a little clutter. The issue is that, to a homeowner, their beloved baseball card collection or keepsakes purchased on vacation may not seem like clutter. However, to a buyer, everything is clutter. Invest in a storage unit and fill it to the brim.

Bet your house sparkling clean but also lived-in

Keep Décor Minimal – The last thing you want to do is drive off potential buyers with giant framed posters of your favorite rock band and pictures of your cat. Choose simple pieces that cater to a wider range of tastes and keep in mind that the fewer items you have on your walls, the larger your room will look. The same goes for table tops and book shelves.

Simple living room dining room decor

Use Mirrors – Everyone knows mirrors make a room look larger. They reflect light as well as any colors within the room. Additionally, mirrors are a décor piece that complements almost anyone’s taste.

Add mirrors on the doors of your under-staircase storage area

Leave it Sparkling – Some people may not be offended by a few scuff marks on the wall or dog hair on the rug, but your potential buyer may find these things dreadful. Clean your home from top to bottom and corner to corner. Scrub the walls, replace the rugs and toss used towels in a closed hamper. It may seem like a little extra work, but selling your home quickly will make all of the added effort well worthwhile.

Rearrange your living room furniture

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