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3 Overlooked Projects that Will Add Value to Your Home

A home is an investment – and a significant one at that. Over time, homes can rise and fall in value depending on numerous factors. While some factors, such as crime rate, nearby attractions, school districting and cost of living are largely out of our control, some factors – such as appearance – are fully within our power. Here are three projects that can help to increase the value of your home:

New Kitchen Countertops

Dark granite perimeter kitchen counter
Dark granite perimeter kitchen counter
Black kitchen furniture with white glossy countertop
Thick wood kitchen countertop

We’ll go ahead and start with the obvious and most expensive suggestion first, but don’t be turned off. While it’s true that quality countertops can be a rather pricey investment, they can transform your kitchen. Often, when a potential buyer views the kitchen of a home for the first time, they’re going to immediately judge the counters. Though it may seem trivial, great counters can be a primary selling point or a deal breaker.

Appealing Front Door

Traditional front door design
Stunning front door design
Modern front door design

Oh, the importance of curb appeal. So simple, and yet the one place where millions of homeowners fall down on the job. Keeping a well groomed front yard, or stoop, is key to a winning first impression. One of the best ways to improve and update the curb appeal of your home is by replacing the front door. If you’d rather not spend the money, at least repaint the door and update the hardware.

New Coat of Paint

Red living room wall for a color backsplash
White and grey contrast for hallway walls painting
Scandinavian dining room design with blue wall

The last item on the list is certainly one of the most overlooked and possibly one of the cheapest updates you can make to your living space. Whether you’re looking to move, or simply looking to freshen up your home for your own eyes, a paint job can offer the pick-me-up you’re craving. Select some colors that are on-trend. If the color’s popularity fades in a few years, then paint again. Unlike other updates you make to your home, a paint job doesn’t have to last forever.

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