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The 5 Things Every New Home Needs

Regardless of how old you might be when you decide to take the leap, buying your first home is a rite of passage every adult should experience. After moving out of their parents home as young adults, most people spend a few years living in humble rented spaces with roommates and hand me down furniture.

Stucco and Stone exterior on this Old World home

Over time, you may have stepped up your décor investments and even lived alone once or twice. However, living within your own property is much different than renting someone else’s, and there are a few extra items you may need to acquire.

Here are five things you should buy for your first home.

1) Window Treatments – Many apartments come with their own blinds, but it’s not likely that the builders or previous owners of your home will supply these items. In addition to curtains, you’ll have to pick up a few sets of shades.

Luxury living room with modern window treatments
Modern dining room window treatments
Traditional kitchen with fancy window treatments

2) A Tool Box – If your sink sprung a leak at your old apartment, you likely had a property maintenance man on speed dial.  If your sink springs a leak now, you’ll have to call a plumber or roll up your sleeves and get to work. Keep a well-stocked tool box on hand at all times.

A toolbox for home repairs

3) Appliances– Not all new homes come equipped with appliances, and sometimes the ones that are included are old and need replacing. Consider investing in everything from a washer and dryer to a microwave and refrigerator.

Modern kitchen appliances

4) Lawn Equipment – In an apartment building, you don’t need a lawn mower. In fact, even in a rented home with a yard, you likely have a landscaping service paid for by the property management company. However, in your own home you’ll have to take care of these duties yourself. Be sure to invest in a mower, weed whacker, hedge clippers and any gardening tools you may need to keep your yard well manicured.

An auto lawn mower will get the job done for you

5) Wall Paint – Often, owners of rented spaces do not allow residents to change the wall color, but now that you own your own place you can paint the walls any color you’d like. Also, if your home was previously owned by someone else, a fresh coat of paint can make your home feel brand new.

Fancy platinum wall paint with plum and black textiles

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