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Decked Out: Stay Cool by the Pool With These Fabulous Terrace Design Ideas

Summer is still going strong, and for many, the heat will continue for the next month or two. Once the cool temperatures do arrive, it will be hard to resist the appeal of sitting on the poolside deck or terrace with a cocktail in hand. Make sure your outdoors look as good as the indoors. Searching for ideas? Today we present some amazing images that will stir the design imagination.

Don’t have a pool? Don’t worry! You can still spruce up the exterior of your home. Add some outdoor seating, liven up your landscaping and entertain in your backyard haven. Let the poolside decks and terraces below be a source of inspiration!

Modern Marvels

We begin by featuring some modern decks and patios, like the vibrant space below. In fact, this deck has two undeniable advantages: privacy and color. The tall walls create a cozy feel without being claustrophobic. Bright seating in the form of cushions and poufs makes this outdoor area stand out. [from Linea Italia via Trendir]

Colorful poolside cushions

Below we see a Cypress villa that is covered yet open thanks to a slatted ceiling. Modern seating with pops of orange and violet sets the vivid yet tranquil tone. [from Koutsoftides Architects via Unique Home Interior]

Covered poolside seating

The next featured home is hardly modern, yet the pool area is contemporary. Linear motifs in pool design, hedge and seating help contribute to the updated vibe. Manicured plants complete the crisp, uncluttered feel. [from Harold Leidner Landscape Architects]

An elegant poolside terraceII

In addition to modern tile and stone detailing, the repetition of identical lounge chairs makes the poolside space below clean and contemporary. [from Sage Design Studios, Inc. via Houzz]

A modern pool terrace

Innovative seating is a poolside highlight of the next featured property, which also features an outdoor fire pit. [from Markus Canter via Houzz]

Modern poolside seating

Fairy Tale Charm

From the modern to the fairy tale… The terraces below are a little bit “English garden.” Take the first featured property, which boasts a deep blue pool, complete with sphere-like trimmed bushes. [from Harold Leidner Landscape Architects]

A fairy tale-style pool and terrace

If you look closely in this next image, you can see Alice and Wonderland hiding behind the hedges. OK, maybe not, but this charming pool and patio looks like it’s straight out of a storybook. Perhaps it’s the topiaries that look like ice cream cones, or the iron railing and boxwood fence! [from Harold Leidner Landscape Architects via Houzz]

English garden-style pool landscaping

Harold Leidner Landscape Architects sure have an eye for the regal. Like the two outdoor spaces above, this next property is accented with manicured greenery and enchanting railing. [from Harold Leidner Landscape Architects]

A charming poolside terrace

Sometimes a little color makes a big difference! The hue of choice: cobalt blue! Not only does it cover the planters that hold trimmed bushes in the image below, it’s mirrored in the tile of the pool. A cobalt artichoke statue adds a quaint touch. [from Peter Ivancovich Landscape Design]

Blue accents pop on a poolside terrace

Say It With Plants

The next batch of outdoor spaces is teeming with lush plants that add a resort-like feel to the pools they border. And nothing says “resort” like palm trees, as shown below! The dolphin statue also contributes to the vacation vibe. [from Bella + Aqui Landscape Architecture, LLC]

Plant-filled poolside lanscaping

In another palm tree-rich shot, curved fronds complement the curved archways of the architecture. [from Torre Construction & Development via Houzz]

Palm trees on a poolside terrace

A couple of strategically placed planters can also get the job done. For example, the flower-filled urns in the next image make a powerful, verdant statement. [from Peter Ivancovich Landscape Design via Houzz]

Urns on a pool terrace

Sometimes the background sets the tone of the foreground. Though the poolside area below doesn’t hold any plants, the abundant greenery behind the stone wall speaks volumes!  [from Peter Ivancovich Landscape Design]

Lush landscaping surrounds a sparkling pool

There’s nothing like a planter by the pool… And this one is packed with a variety of blooms to add interest. Can you spot two more planters in the pic below? [from Kemp Hall Studio via Houzz]

A poolside planter

It’s All About the Stone

Plants do wonders, but so does the clever use of stone and concrete! While you may initially think it’s tricky to put a creative stamp on some poolside rocks, think again. In fact, think outside of the box!  In the image below, we see a tortoise shell effect created by grass and stone. Intriguing! [from Harold Leidner Landscape Architects]

Grass-lined stone stands out on a poolside terrace

And then we have a lattice effect, thanks to the clever placement of tile and grass to create a geometric design. [from Kemp Hall Studios]

Tile and grass on a poolside terrace

Why not place a big hunk of rock by the pool? It’s unexpected, it helps define the space, and it sure does make a big statement, as shown in the next image! Not to mention, it mirrors the rocky landscaping in the background. [from Kendle Design Collaborative via Houzz]

Large rocks add dimension to a pooside terrace

We end with some stony spheres that add a modern yet whimsical touch to the poolside area below. [from Belle + Aqui Landscape Architecture, LLC via Houzz]

Poolside stone spheres

Add a dash of seating, a sprinkle of plants and a stony border, and you too can have the outdoor area of your dreams! When designing the layout for your poolside paradise, consider the function of the space. Will you be entertaining often? Perhaps a row of lounge chairs is just what you need to make the terrace practical and stylish. If you don’t lounge by the pool, you can still add some flair. Whether you purchase a large planter or do some major landscaping, envision a style for the space and let the details unfold. Before you know it, your outdoor area will be decked out!


Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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