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3 Things Every Beach Home Needs

Imagine stepping outside onto your back porch at sunrise with a new book and a warm cup of coffee in hand. You settle in to your cozy chaise lounge and gaze off into the distance where, just a few feet away, waves are breaking upon a sandy shore. As you sip from your mug and crack open your book, you smile in delight as you remember – this is not a rented beach condo, this is your very own space.

Beach house living … / by Mary Prince

Whether it’s an investment property or a secret retreat designed just for your family and friends, a beach home is a very special piece of real estate. If you’re lucky enough to own such a space, then you likely put a great deal of time and effort into ensuring it’s perfect.

To assist in your endeavors, here are a few things every beach home needs!

→ Firstly, you need to have a mud room or, more appropriately, a sand room with hooks for hanging wet towels and bathing suits. An outdoor shower can also assist in cleaning off the sand before you or your guests enter the home. A large wooden deck would do just as well.

Comfy beach house deck area with built-in heaters / by David De La Garza
Beach house porch – zuri decking in walnut / by Mary Prince
Fancy beach house with outdoor shower

→ Secondly, you will need outdoor storage. Every beach lover knows that dangerous storms accompanied by strong winds can blow up at any moment. To protect your patio furniture and other outdoor items from being whisked out into the ocean, make sure you have a lockable storage closet. This also comes in handy to prevent theft during the off season when your space is left vacant.

Luxury beach house with fancy pool and stunning lighting

→ Lastly, you need plenty of indoor entertainment. This may seem counterproductive when you have natural outdoor fun just a few steps away, but there are always days during a beach vacation in which the beach is off limits. Maybe this is due to a tropical storm, or it might be due to a pesky sunburn. Whatever the case, a few board games, a deck of cards and a bookcase full of great reads can be all you need to keep bored children – and adults – entertained until the next beach opportunity.

Beach home interior design / by Mary Prince
Beach house fun in different colors / by Workshop/apd
Beach house interior design with plenty of entertaining
Beach house home entertaining
Modern beach house in California

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