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Decorating with a Space Theme

There is something captivating about the concept of space. Perhaps it’s the fact that we know so little about what lies beyond our own solar system, or the fact that so far we are the only known life form within our galaxy. Space spurs expensive explorations and is frequently a topic of late night conversations.

The sheer expanse of space is enough to keep you mesmerized for a lifetime. It seems only fitting that we would pay homage to this powerful force by adding a touch of space themed décor into our households.

Living room decorating with a space theme

Many people assume that decorating with any sort of theme in mind – especially a space theme – will look kitschy and odd. However, themes help you direct your focus on specific concepts, palettes, patterns and other complementary pieces. Just because you’re embracing space with your décor theme doesn’t mean it has to be obvious to the naked eye. The colors and ideas of space can also make great subtle touches to any room.

→ Firstly, remember that one of the most notable aspects of space is its size. In fact, as far as we know the universe is infinite. You can interpret this in your own living area with a more minimalist concept to give the illusion of a larger room.

Black walls and planets: space theme for kids bedroom

→ Next, our galaxy is composed of many beautiful colors. The images brought to us by spacecrafts and satellites show a wide range of colors from oranges and pinks to grays and greens. Additionally, there is the sharp blue of images of Earth from space. Create a space-like feel with a black and white room livened with touches of cosmic flare colors.

Colorful kids bedroom with robots in space theme
Kids bedroom with a space theme wall design

→ In terms of furniture, stick with simple and contemporary pieces. Space exploration has always been a science marked by cutting edge technology, and your own living area should reflect this with a chic, modern look. All in all, it doesn’t take much to produce a interior design that is out of this world.

Bedroom decor with a space table

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