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Three Affordable Ways to Add Continual Color in Your Home

For the past several days my little corner of the world has been undergoing a gray treatment. Yes, I know, while most graying individuals get color jobs that hide and eliminate these telling strands of age and stress, nature has undergone precipitation dyes that leave the greenery of my scenery muted with fog and the haze that comes with a storm. The sun is hidden behind stormy clouds and this effect has stretched indoors and light is now dimmed leaving us all shadowed in semi darkness.

It’s seasons such as this that all the bland neutrality of ones home brings us face to face with our interior designing heart in a startling manner. Well here’s a witty comeback for anyone whose come against this drab and silent argument. Actually, here are three responses that will revive you from your underdog status.

Color, I open my heart and my front door to you and hope you make yourself at home amongst my whites, black and beige and browns.

Seat Cushions

Your wooden kitchen chairs are sturdy. They are practical. They may even be comfortable. But they are in they expected natural wood hue. You can easily change this status by getting washable slip covers or seat cushions to liven up the staid existence of your dining room. If you choose seat cushions you’ll get some oomph and coziness and the option to purchase or make interchangeable covers that with changing seasons or moods can be updated to match the theme of your surroundings.

The results are instantaneous, something we can all appreciate when our other option would be to watch paint dry.

Whole Fridge Magnets

I love this idea and the fact that this is achievable. Maybe your stainless steel fridge got scratched, or you just are tired of staring at the mellow yellow of you 70’s refrigerator. You can’t justify replacing either as they keep your frozen goods and milk at an optimum temperature. But you can personalize it. This simple online shopping option offers you a broad choice of design and color.

From wooden beams, to collages or original animated characters you can guard your fridge with your personality and a simple application. All you need to do is pick your product, measure your fridge, pay for your selection ( I have yet to find one where you can eliminate this last step) and stare out your front window for the delivery truck. So bye-bye magnet alphabet letters which are missing all the vowels and hello color! (Available at KuduMagnets)

Framed Scrapbook Paper

image source: Chic & Cheap Nursery

Scrapbook paper normally ranges from 25 cents to 3.99 per page depending on the intricacies and bedazzling it includes. Now it can be found in many stores outside of your normal craft stores. I’ve seen it in bookstores, Target, Wal Mart, even dollar stores. Cut the paper to fit to the exact measurements of your frame. Fill several frames in multiple sizes and find lackluster wall that needs some cheer. Springtime, or festive holiday you can easily slide your frame case open and exchange the paper to be more accommodating. Or you can cover your picture frame mat with some of this versatile paper and design your own colorful and patterned mat.

Come sunrise the next morning watch as your new home additions receive due attention and make merry with your heart and eyes!

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