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5 Backyard Fence Types

A fence has a major impact on the look and feel of your outdoor space. Some fences may give passersby the impression that the dweller of that home is private and unwilling to greet guests while other fences are more open and welcoming. Some fences are erected with the purpose of keeping in pets or children who are playing outdoors, but other fences are built only to offer unity and decoration.

When you select a fence for your home, you must consider all of these ideas and decide what you want most. Here are five of the most common and best backyard fence designs.

Wrought iron fence with squares at top

Wrought Iron Fences – With their ornate curls, curves and intricate designs, wrought iron often evokes a feeling of Victorian era homes and wealthy estates. As one of the most expensive types of fencing, it is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing. However, these fences are not the best choice for those looking for privacy.

White picket fence at the pool

Picket Fences – Made of vinyl or wood, picket fences are great for keeping pets safely in your yard while still enjoying a view of what’s going on beyond your enclosed space. The gaps between the fence slats can vary to offer more or less privacy depending on what the homeowner prefers. Additionally, picket fences can be as short as waist high or as tall as several feet.

Privacy wall in San Francisco made from perforated copper

Privacy Fences – Appropriately named, these tall, solid wood or vinyl fences prevent neighbors from peeking into your yard. They generally stand at least six feet tall and have no gaps between the slats. Also, you can check this perforated copper fence above, it certainly adds privacy in a highly modern way.

Horizontal fence slats looking gorgeous

Ornamental Fences – These fences often offer no security or privacy at all, but are constructed for pure aesthetic purposes. Sometimes these fences are only erected in small sections and do not provide a full barrier. Often they are used to enclose a garden space.

Steel bars fence looks cool, doesn’t provide privacy

Bar Fences – Generally, a bar fence is made of steel or some other extremely strong metal. Like privacy fences, they are generally built for the purpose of keeping people or animals in or out. However, like picket or wrought iron fences, they usually contain gaps between the bars so you can see within.

When choosing your fence, be sure to consider multiple styles and select one that best suits your needs.

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